Travis Munnings a welcomed addition to SL Benfica squad

NEXT CHAPTER – Travis Munnings has signed with Sport Libosa (SL) Benfica in Portugal’s top basketball league, Liga Portuguesa de Basquetbol and looks to make an impact. (PHOTO: SL BENFICA)

As his professional basketball career overseas continues, Grand Bahamian Travis Munnings has received a great opportunity. He signed a deal with Sport Libosa (SL) Benfica in Portugal’s top basketball league, Liga Portuguesa de Basquetbol.

Respected for his work ethic by former coaches, his strong play with ex-teams, along with his communication skills, the 6’6’’ forward is viewed as “reinforcement,” for the storied franchise. 

Munnings, who joined the team on August 25, is aware of the tradition behind SL Benfica, which went 19-7 last season, and he looks forward to living up to the challenge. 

Munnings was quoted in an article written by Simao Vitorino saying the following: “I know I'm in a great organization, so I'm looking forward to starting and doing something special. I feel it will go very well. I think I'll be able to bring out the best in everyone, bring energy and do whatever it takes to win.”

Munnings is fresh off a stint in the NBA Summer League stint, where he got the opportunity to play with the Golden State Warriors. Previously, Munnings played with Portugal’s UD Oliveirense, where he averaged 12.3 points, eight rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. 

St. George’s Jaguars’ assistant coach Calvin McIntosh, some years ago, coached the St. George’s High School product. McIntosh said he knows what Munnings brings to the table competitively. 

“The opportunity that Travis has been presented with is huge. I truly believe he will make it. He’s a very hard worker and a very determined young man. He’s definitely focused on basketball and that has been his way to a future from the time he played here in Freeport.

“That was always his way of getting out and doing better for him and his family. Last year he played in the FIBA Americas tournament and was one of the dominant players in that tournament. 

“We expect huge things for Travis. He has definitely developed his game. He’s definitely a better shooter, better ball handler and his instincts in relation to basketball, has definitely put him over the top. He’s alway been an instinctive basketball player even in his days at the University of Louisiana Monroe, and then playing overseas. He’s only been able to sharpen his skills and improve his game all-around.”

With Munnings displaying a competitive mindset throughout the years, McIntosh said that no matter what roster his former player is on, he will pay dividends for that franchise. 

“Travis has a competitive mindset and never believes he’s supposed to lose. So, when you add all those components together, you have one heck of a basketball player and young man,” he concluded. 

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