Strike-out Cancer Softball Tourney slated this weekend at Emera Park

PLAYING FOR A CAUSE – The Rising Stars Developmental Softball and Baseball League, in collaboration with the National Fast-Pitch Coaches Association (NFCA) will host the Strike-Out Cancer Softball event this coming Saturday, July 10 at the EMERA Baseball Park at 1:00 p.m. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Rising Stars Developmental Softball and Baseball program and the National Fast-Pitch Coaches Association (NFCA) are teaming up in the fight against cancer.

The organizations will host the Strike-out Cancer Softball initiative this coming Saturday, July 10 at the EMERA Baseball Park. Three games will be played starting with the parents of Rising Stars players going head-to-head at 1:00 p.m. Next, the Rising Stars coaches will host the Immigration Enforcers in a one-pitch contest at 2:30 p.m.

Closing out the afternoon’s trio of games will be the Rising Stars Alumni taking on the current Rising Stars players at 4:00 p.m. 

The tournament will also serve as a fundraiser. For each person who strikes out, a $5 donation will be taken, with proceeds going to the Grand Bahama Cancer Society. 

Speaking on behalf of the parents who will compete this weekend, Stephanie Hall shared that they are enthusiastic about the opportunity. As a parent with two girls currently enrolled with the Rising Stars program, she expressed that it will be a unique change of pace to be cheered for while competing. 

“From when my kids were enrolled into the league, coming out (as a parent) you develop relationships with other parents. You also develop relationships with the coaches. When you see the camaraderie that’s fostered between the kids and by extension the parents, we’re a family.

“So, it’s exciting now for the kids to see us play, and it’s for a good cause because many of us have someone who has been touched by cancer. We know that it is rampant in our society and the world. So now we’re able to take a fun sport and raise money to donate to the Cancer Society.

“It’s going to be exciting and what I love about it, is we’re going to be monetizing that excitement and donating to a worthy cause,” she expressed. 

Speaking on behalf of the coaches, Desmond “Big Country” Dean said it is an honor to be a part of the initiative. Expressing that he recognizes the NFCA as an international body of coaches, he noted that the day will help continue to bring awareness to the ongoing fight against cancer and promote healthy lifestyles. 

“We all know cancer has affected us in some way. We feel it’s important to continue to fight and we want to encourage the public to come out and be a part of this fun day with us.”

Rising Star Vice President Nerissa Lockhart elaborated on how the donations would flow on Saturday and encouraged the public to give as much as they possibly can while enjoying a fun day of softball.

“We invite the public to join us in the campaign to spread awareness and raise money in the fight against cancer by matching the dollar value for every strikeout recorded on the day. 

“All proceeds will be donated to the Grand Bahama Cancer Society. Your monetary donation will allow the Cancer Society to continue life-saving efforts to prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from the disease.”

GBCS President Wardrina Wright thanked the Rising Stars and the NFCA for hosting the event and said the event is a great avenue toward helping the Society in the ongoing assistance of cancer patients. 

“For me, it’s a great thing and a great happening for the Grand Bahama Cancer Society and Rising Stars, considering we receive the donations raised from the Strike-Out Cancer event. 

“We say a big thank you to the Rising Stars and the young people as they continue to help those who are in need. This will go a long way in assisting our patients, be it with travel or accommodations in Nassau. Again, we say a big thank you,” she concluded. 

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