GBASA’s One-Pitch tournament to honor stalwart Tener-Knowles

INDEPENDENCE DAY FUN – The Grand Bahama Amateur Softball Association will host its Independence Day One-Pitch Tournament this coming Saturday, July 10 at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Grand Bahama Amateur Softball Association is aiming for an exciting Independence Anniversary weekend of activities.

This coming Saturday, July 10, the GBASA will host its Independence Day One-Pitch Tournament in honor of Churchill Tener-Knowles. The round-robin style tournament will commence at 10:30 a.m at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex.

While the tournament will be a mini-break from the regular season action, the association officials expressed excitement over the response gotten from the participating teams. 

Competing in the corporate division will be the Immigration Enforcers, Grand Bahama Health Services, Third Dimension, Aliv, Grand Bahama Power, Grand Bahama Port Authority Regulators, PharmaChem and Viva Club Fortuna. 

Playing in the men’s division will be Buckeye, Express Food Mart, Pat’s Uniform and the CLA Hitters. 

As league president Hansel Collie explained, each batter will start off with a three-ball, two-strikes count. If the pitcher throws a ball, the runner takes the base and if a strike is thrown the batter is out. The unique format is expected to promote a rapid pace to the game. 

“I can’t see anyone going up to the plate and waiting for a ball. You must swing because if you don’t swing and it’s a strike you’re out. The games will go fast and will give us a chance to get all of the games completed on the weekend,” Collie explained. 

Slow Pitch chairman of the GBASA Levi Rolle assured that the weekend will be “stacked,” with a lot of competition and rightfully so. He added that it all ties into honoring Tener-Knowles, whose contributions to softball are historically documented.

“He’s been doing this for many years. We take the privilege in honoring him and showing him that we love him for what he has done for this league and softball at large.

Tener-Knowles voiced that he was grateful to receive the adulation from the GBASA. 

“I appreciate it. I have been involved in softball for as long as I can remember. I’ve made my contributions. But, it was not just myself, although I am being honored this time. Others have also made contributions to the sport of softball. 

“I hope the tournament commands support. I often say a friend made in sports, is a friend for life. For those who have played the sport, or even baseball, basketball or track and field, they should make a contribution.” 

Vice President of the Association, LaToya Cartwright reiterated that the tournament has gained an overwhelming amount of support from the players. She said was also excited to see that corporate teams such as Third Dimension, and others decided to join in on the fun for the first time.

“I’m actually very surprised by the number of corporate teams that are interested this year. We have some new people who have never actually graced the field with their presence, like Third Dimension.

“The tournament promises to be exciting.”

The event is also expected to invite the best batters to step up to the plate and compete in a Home Run Derby.

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