“Boston Blackie” Miller should be memorialized



This coming Saturday morning, July 11, beginning at 11 a.m., the home-going service for national hero Leonard “Boston Blackie” Miller is scheduled to take place at New Covenant Baptist Church, on East West Highway, in the capital island New Providence.

I refer to the late Boston Blackie as a national hero, because he deserves, in my view, to be in that elite category. I, hereby begin the lobbying for some edifice, or roadway, to be officially named in his honor, by the state. He was so important to this country, and the quality youth development process, indeed, that he should be memorialized, in a significant way.

His memory should be preserved as a reminder to those who knew him, and others, of his great zeal and how he scaled heights, demonstrating that Bahamian indomitable spirit. From the less affluent side of the poverty line, he came, to make an impact that made his name synonymous with The Bahamas.

In many regions of the world, you say Boston Blackie and you would get the response “Bahamas.”

Boston rose above incredible obstacles to became one of the versatile great Bahamian sports persons. At a rather late age, when he opted to retire from boxing, he returned to academics to combine that aspect with his natural sports knowledge, to qualify as a Physical Education teacher.

In each case, when he persevered and accomplished greatness, the initial observance of others indicated that he wouldn’t be that good…he would not achieve his goal. Yet, he defied the odds. Boston actually became a legend in cycling, boxing, and, a unique PE teacher, unlike any other, but more productive than many, in molding the positives of sports and life into young student/athletes.

In this country, it has been fashionable for years, to pour accolades and associate politicians (for the most part) with greatness, bestowing knighthoods on those who fell so far short of the patriotism Boston displayed when representing his country abroad; and were responsible for a limited amount, if any, youth development successes, compared to our dear recently-departed one.

Surely, the powers that be can find a road, perhaps in the Yellow Elder area of New Providence; or some building frequently utilized for sports, youth development; to attach the name of Leonard “Boston Blackie” Miller to.

He should never be forgotten. The man gave too much to nation building, for his name to be merely shuffled into the files of history, an item only of researching interests. Boston deserves much more. His name should be resplendent, adorning a road or building, so that for ages to come, all would know that the man called Leonard “Boston Blackie” Miller, was incredibly special and worthy of being a constant presence.

Rest in peace Boston!

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