Young gospel artist encourages residents to tap into potential

MARVA SCOTT, female gospel recording artist

Like millions over the world experiencing the Coronavirus pandemic, young female gospel recording artist, Marva Scott, admitted that living in this COVID-19 era took some adjusting to.

In making the changes, Scott said that it gave her a greater appreciation for God, His beauty and wonders, which translated into her new single, ‘El Shaddai.’

In a recent interview with this daily, Scott, an accountant/accounts clerks by profession noted that the song is one of adoration.

“It’s a song of just adoration of the beauty and wonders of God. I saw a post that said He (God) left the 99 (sheep) and went after that one (that was lost). It hits differently when you find out that one is you that He left the many for to go after,” she reflected.

“Basically, that is what El Shaddai is all about; telling Him you are grateful for His wonder, you are grateful for what He’s done and knowing that you don’t have anything to offer, but He still loves you,” she added.


Producing new music during the pandemic was not only a challenge but enlightening for Scott.

“For me the pandemic was kind of rough at first, because you know you don’t get your bearing in things until a situation really happens and then you find out, this is who you are or who you are comes to the surface.

“So, at first it was rough until I found my bearings and it was like okay, I can adapt to this; I can move forward from this,” Scott said.

To her peers also living through the pandemic, the young artist had this to say: “I know it is something that is new to you; it is something that is very unstable, because at this point we are all uncertain about the future.

“We are looking at what is next; therefore, I would encourage them to mediate. Seek out what it is that you really find best to do for yourself. What came to the surface in you when this pandemic started.

“It’s kind of like a caterpillar going into the cocoon and then coming out a butterfly. So, it is like a metamorphosis … during this pandemic the real you will come forward.

“And, I would say more importantly, I encourage them to mediate on God’s word and seek His purpose for their life. Like the late Dr. Myles Munroe said, ‘everything that you were destined and put on this earth to do is locked inside of you, you just have to unlock it. And by unlocking it, that’s tapping into God, that’s tapping into your best potential.

“So, El Shaddai is the message … Lord you are my daily bread. Even with all the distractions, we have to get our minds right first by mediating on Him at the beginning of our day and asking His direction throughout the day,” Scott said.

“During this time, we need a refuge. So, we have to trust our unknown future to a known God,” she concluded.

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