MDEGC hosts Manna Day Summit 2021

SUMMIT SUCCESS – Pictured from left are Pastor Prophetess Keva Major, senior pastor and founder of Discipleship Outreach Kingdom Ministries, New Providence and Apostle Kenneth A. Miller, senior pastor of Modern Day Exodus Global Church (MDEGC). (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

With a new sanctuary located on Queen’s Highway, the Modern Day Exodus Global Church (MDEGC), headed by Apostle Kenneth A. Miller continues to spread the word of God, touching the lives and hearts of many, throughout the communities in Grand Bahama and by extension, the region.

Young Miller, MDEGC’s senior pastor, shared the vision for his ministry.

“When the Bible told us to have faith and to have works that match our faith in James 2:14-18, we here at MDEGC put that principle in place, and have seen the hand of God move not just for this church, but for the communities that are attached to this church.

“On the last Sunday of April this year, the Lord spoke to me and said that it was time to move. We were renting a space from Mr. Tomlinson of Kevin G. Tomlinson Academy, who so graciously hosted us for several months. In coming here to the Freeport Carpet Center, it was a faith exercise, every step of the way. We have seen God supply our needs, from the down payment for our location to the very carpeting on the podium, our air conditioning and our chairs. All of it is because of the glory of God and the destiny helpers across the island. It is at this particular time that I would like to say thank you to everyone who prayed, helped to prepare, helped to push, and helped us to remain focused on our purpose at hand,” stated Miller.

While work still continues on MDEGC’s sanctuary, Miller hosted a three day, June 1 – 3, event ‘Manna Day Summit 2021,’ under the theme, ‘Acceleration, Elevation and Manifestation Your Divine Appointment with God.’

Guest speaker for the Summit was Pastor Prophetess Keva Major, senior pastor and founder of Discipleship Outreach Kingdom Ministries, New Providence.

“We have, in the presence of an Almighty God, a woman of thunder all the way from Nassau, New Providence in the person of Pastor Prophetess Keva Major, the Senior Pastor and Founder of Discipleship Outreach Kingdom Ministries.”

He explained how they met two years ago.

“When I was doing mission trips in 2019, I met Pastor Keva when I was on the road and her church services were being held in the yard, in the center of the community. There, all you would see were children running around, singing, dancing, ministering and praying. I was amazed that the church was filled with children under the age of 18, leading just like adults in the work of God. The journey started with me ministering there on June 2, 2019. This trip here for her was supposed to be scheduled for the last full week of May, but it happened that we were transitioning and the Lord told us to have the revival June 1 – 3 instead.  

“It happened that on June 2, 2019 that was my first preaching engagement with Pastor Keva and divinely, two years later to the date, to the very hour, this is her first time preaching in Grand Bahama and her first time being here at our church. She is our first guest speaker in our new sanctuary,” Miller said.

 Major shared her experience preaching at MDEGC, her first night in service Tuesday, June 2.

She noted that it was nothing short of a miracle.

“My experience was exciting, but I was nervous because I am not used to the drive through experience per se. I am accustomed to people being out of their vehicles.

“I am appreciative of Apostle Miller for inviting me here. I felt the presence of the Lord, coming here. I came here and then went home and God gave me the topic to preach on. He told me that he wanted me to preach the truth. He gave me an acronym for the word truth. He first said that He wants us to, ‘transform and then be redirected. After redirection He wants us to understand and then become a transformation into hope.’”

Questioned as to how she would relay God’s message to those in attendance, Major said that God told her to share her story of how she came into ministry and the divine way in which the name for her church in New Providence was birthed.

“After ministering for a while, I noticed that God was using me in my organization called The Bahamas International Drill Team. I have had that for about 10 years and I noticed what He was doing for that was His way of transforming me. He was preparing me for this road, redirecting me into the ministry. After redirecting me, he helped me to understand my purpose in what I am doing. That is when the name for my church came about, Discipleship Outreach Kingdom Ministry (DOKM).  He then told me that my transformation from one thing to another, which meant that I was already in alignment; therefore, He gave me the hope to believe that everything after that point was going to be finalized. That is how I came up with my sermon (the first night).”

Noting that this was her first visit spreading the word of God in Grand Bahama, Major pointed out that it will not be the last.

She thanked Miller for the invitation, noting that five members of her ministry made the trip with her to Grand Bahama.

Miller’s first official service, Morning Manna Sunday Service, was held Sunday, June 6 at 9:00 a.m.

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