Bishop Godfrey and Minister Iris Williams celebrates 39th Pastoral Anniversary

JUBILEE CELEBRATION – Bishop Godfrey and Minister Iris Williams celebrated their 39th Pastoral Anniversary on Sunday, January 31 at Jubilee Cathedral. Pastor of St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Rev. Kenneth Lewis was the guest speaker. Bishop Williams and his wife were showered with a love offering and gifts. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DEREK CARROLL)

Bishop Godfrey and Minister Iris Williams, have been in church leadership for more than three-plus decades, however, on Sunday (January 31) the couple officially celebrated their 39th Pastoral Anniversary.

The senior pastors of Jubilee Cathedral, the Williams agreed that they were humble at the love, prayers and support they have been given over the years in Christian ministry.

During worship service at Jubilee Cathedral Sunday, the leaders were showered with a love offering and gifts.

Guest speaker for the service Rev. Kenneth Lewis, pastor of St. Paul’s Methodist Church encouraged the congregation and the anniversary celebrants from the book of Samuel,1 Samuel 17.

Rev. Lewis told of the story where David, before he became King of Israel, had an encounter in the valley with Goliath, the champion of the Philistines.

“Sometimes, we don’t want to go down into the valley for battle,” Lewis said. “However, as leaders we find ourselves in battles where we have to use unconventional weapons.

“Goliath came into battle with his conventional attire and tools. He was dressed in his armor, had his spear and stood tall over David. But David came with his unconventional weapon – a sling and a stone.

“What I am saying is, sometimes we have to stand up and be counted,” said Rev. Lewis.

Describing Bishop Williams as a man who stands up and is counted, Rev. Lewis said that through thick and thin the senior pastor remained steadfast.

“He is a man without scandal … one wife. A man of integrity, known locally, nationally and internationally,” he added.

Rev. Lewis noted that when Bishop Williams speaks to the local clergy listens. “God has chosen this leader for this congregation. His reputation and that of this church is wide known, so I encourage him today to continue to stand and be counted.”

Bishop Williams and his wife thanked Rev. Lewis, members of his family and those of his congregation that celebrated with the couple on Sunday.

“He left his congregation to share this time with me and my wife … I call his friend and brother,” said Bishop Williams.

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