PLP suporter alleges intimidation

Pictured from left are Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and former Obie Wilchcombe, member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini.

Dear Editor,

I am and have been a long-time staunch supporter and member of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in Grand Bahama, for decades.

I was pleased to see, for the first time, branch members have the opportunity to voice their choice, through voting, for the candidate we want to represent us in a General Election.

However, my excitement was short-lived when a number of us who support the former member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, Obie Wilchcombe, felt that we were victims of intimidation at the hands of party officials.

At the PLP Headquarters, where the voting took place, Mr. Wilchcombe’s supporters were in large numbers and it appeared to us that there were persons being allowed to vote, who were not eligible to do so.

When questioning those officiating the process, heated words were exchanged and while waiting to see what would transpire, or if it would be corrected we were approached by an officer.

It seems there were those who wanted us to basically keep quiet and leave the premises.

As a member of this party, I am finding it very difficult to give my support following that experience, one which has put me in fear for my life.

I have written letters to those in authority, detailing the experience with the hope of something being done. However, as this political season progresses, I want to feel free and not afraid to express my choice on who I want to represent me in parliament.

I need my party’s top leaders to ensure that people on the ground in each of the islands behave respectfully and professionally toward fellow-Bahamians and voters.

We are all one people, there is no need for inappropriate conduct.

Thanks for allowing me to express myself with the hopes that something will be done about these kinds of behavior as we move forward.

~ A True Bahamian, PLP

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