Quasi-Government status of GBPA due full recognition

Grand Bahama Port Authority

More so than ever before, it is submitted here, that the quasi-government status of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has come to the forefront.

There have, indeed, been hurricane catastrophes. Hurricane Dorian, which blasted us during early September of 2019, was a horrific experience for Grand Bahamians, especially those in East End. We were not removed at all from the recovery/restoration efforts related to Hurricane Dorian when the coronavirus came upon us and the rest of the world.

The GBPA has, and, continues to play a magnificent role in contributing to the recovery of Grand Bahamian residents, following Hurricane Dorian. The GBPA’s assistance programme has been efficient and immaculate, and, provided great balance to initiatives of the Central

Administration and private entities.

When the coronavirus surfaced and reached The Bahamas, the GBPA got in motion and stood prepared to shoulder the obligations to the people of Grand Bahama, right alongside the government.

Therefore, it is appropriate for the GBPA to be given full recognition for its role as the quasi-government of Freeport (due to the Hawksbill Creek Agreement-HCA of 1955), in every instance. Most recently, last Friday to be exact, as Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis continued his quality monitoring efforts, and, on-point directives to the citizenry of the country, somehow those responsible for providing him with comprehensive material to present to the nation, erred in not ensuring that Grand Bahama’s particular situation, regarding the supply of water and electricity was taken into full consideration.

To give the government credit, once the omission was pointed out, the matter was sorted out. This is a case in point, though, that justifies consultation with the GBPA on major issues that relate directly to Grand Bahama. The HCA makes the GBPA a special a creature of sub-governance, unlike in any other area of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

We hasten to point out here, that on occasions in the past, government representatives pointed the finger of responsibility at the GBPA when certain situations did not go according to the desires of some of the people here in Grand Bahama.

Well, the quasi-government status is in place whether good or bad, acceptable or not.

Accordingly, the GBPA deserves, and we dare say, should, be allowed to have a voice (listened to by the government) when major issues, linked to Grand Bahama, are before us. The quasi-government status works for some politicians when they want to pass the buck onto the GBPA.

Well, we say that the quasi-government status of the GBPA is due full recognition, always.

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