Kudos, to Govt., health authorities for leading battle against COVID-19

All things considered, the Government of The Bahamas, led by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis; and additionally, our health experts, under Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands, are due praise and encouragement.

They have been doing quite well, especially, when compared to peers throughout the world. The situation of high caution, limited known cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and nine deaths (from a population of around 400,000), characterize this country in the face of one of the greatest scourges in the history of mankind.

It is a blessing that, thus far, (with the exception of Bimini, Cat Cay) the Family Islands have been giving great signals of having avoided this plague upon the world. No doubt, the quickness attached to the decision of PM Dr. Minnis and his government, to put on stream the National

Emergency Act and the accompanying curfew, followed by the major lockdown, has contributed mightily to the coronavirus-free reports coming out of the islands.

Had the lockdown not been declared, it is very likely the disease might have been carried into the various island locales. One could imagine the havoc if not for the lockdown, and, had infected persons gotten among the different communities in the Family Islands. It would have been widespread destruction, by now.

There will be those agitating for an easement of the lockdown/curfew.

However, The Freeport News submits that the authorities should stick to their guns and maintain the firm order that discourages and prohibits unnecessary socialization. It has been proven that social distancing has been a saving grace for The Bahamas and its people.

The time to change from that, is definitely not now; perhaps not for several months. The economy continues to trend downward, unemployment in the land has mushroomed greatly. Nevertheless, this is a time to bite the bullet and stay safe.

Kudos to the government and the health authorities for fighting a good battle on our behalf.

We hope for continuity.

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