COVID-19 crisis alters Holy Week

Like never before, Holy Week, 2020, has been altered.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the culprit. This disease, for which there presently is no vaccine, has brought about major lifestyle changes around the world.

So much has COVID-19 been right in the face of the world, that a very special period, held dear by millions throughout the globe, has been greatly upstaged. Reference is to Holy Week. This year, the Holy Week time frame began Sunday, April 5 (Palm Sunday) and concludes Saturday, April 11.

The religious side, and the festive element of Easter have accordingly been practically eliminated. Indeed, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, will pass by this year, silently.

The churches are under the mandate of the National State of Emergency 2020 and have to be closed, in accordance with the lockdown directives given by the Government of The Bahamas. The locking down of the churches, while accepted by the vast majority of Bahamians, it seems, does no sit right with one noted clergyman, Rev. T. G. Morrison of Zion Baptist Church in New Providence.

On a talk show recently, On Point with Wendell Jones, Rev. Morrison decried the government’s inclusion of churches in the lockdown category. Full congregations are not allowed under the emergency orders.

“I can’t get past the notion that the Christian Church in The Bahamas is not an essential service. Why those days (lockdown on the weekend)? Why can’t it (lockdown) be from Tuesdays to Thursdays? Why can’t the days alternate? How is it that the food stores and all these other places, can have the opportunity to operate daily, but the Christian Church, the one time that the Church gathers in its earnestness, we are denied?”

Those questions were put passionately by Rev. Morrison.

We believe, the government, in the instance of the Christian Church, is concerned that social distancing would not be adhered to at services. This is a tough road we have to travel, due to COVID -19.

Rev. Morrison presents a good argument, but the government can’t please everybody. There is no template for coronavirus. It has to be dealt with from day to day, and Prime Minster Dr. Hubert Minnis proven to be inclined to announce adjustments to the orders.

PM Dr. Minnis has emphasized on numerous occasions the need to avoid, as best as is possible, social interaction, and, has declared that social distancing ought to be generally, the order of the day.

We urge the prime minister and his colleagues, who consult with others, to keep a tight rein on the situation.

Even in Holy Week, devout Christians, can relate to what the government is seeking to do.

As mentioned in the space before, the government has the full support of The Freeport News.

Happy Easter Readers!

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