CIWiL stands in solidarity for Democracy, Justice,

Dear Editor,

Caribbean Women in Leadership (CIWiL) Bahamas Chapter is committed to advancing the cause of women and takes a stand for democracy, fair treatment and justice.

At a pivotal time in the nation, CIWiL continues to herald the importance of participation of women in leadership and strongly holds that the empowerment of women and the establishment of gender equality are crucial to democracy.

CIWiL’s Chair, Mrs. Charlene Paul, expressed her support of equity and fairness as she was on hand to stand with other leaders in solidarity in support of Mrs. Arinthia Komolafe, DNA Leader, in her quest for justice in the recent occurrence with the Police Authorities.

Mrs. Paul noted: “We stand in solidarity for what is right, fair and just. Democracy is as much about citizenship rights and we consider it a moral imperative to promote and safeguard justice, fairness, and gender equality. We do not support gender bias, discrimination, or injustice of any kind. It is a matter of human rights. It is a matter of democracy.”

This incident has brought to the fore some troubling concerns that need to be substantively answered and addressed. The right to assemble and carry out peaceful demonstrations are hallmarks of Democracy.

The country has not experienced, in modern times, the arrest of any political leader for assembling in peaceful demonstrations. Therefore, this matter begs a question that demands an answer. Of course, as we celebrate International Women’s Month, the position of Mrs. Komolafe, as a female leader of a political party, adds to the discourse and the conversation.

CIWiL therefore calls for a renewed commitment from all stakeholders to collaborate in support of a more just and equitable Bahamas. CIWiL promotes that equal representation of women and men in politics and decision-making is necessary for achieving gender equality, good governance and true democracy. CIWIiL stands in Solidarity for Democracy, Justice, Fairness

~ Members, Caribbean Women in Leadership (CIWiL) Bahamas Chapter

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