Second Annual Camp Tycoon Summer Camp to start July 26

CAMP TYCOON READY TO PROMOTE ENTREPRENEURSHIP – The Second Annual Camp Tycoon Entrepreneurship Summer Camp will take place at the Grand Bahama Resilience Center July 26 – 30. Camp Tycoon is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Sash Pinder (seated in center). Pictured from left to right standing are Instructors Wenito Bootle, Danielle Pratt, Kenneth Miller, Caline Newton and Denzal Swain. Seated from left to right are Instructor Yvette Swain; Pinder and Jennifer Barnabie, Community Engagement and Partnership Manager, Grand Bahama Resilience Center. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Second Annual Camp Tycoon Entrepreneurship Summer Camp is set to begin Monday, July 26 through 30.

The camp’s primary focus is affording young persons the information needed to set their path in the right direction, while acquiring the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs.

Founder and Camp Coordinator Sasha Pinder informed that the week-long summer camp will steer the participants in the right direction of having the basic knowledge of becoming entrepreneurs.

“This is the second Annual Entrepreneurship Summer Camp for Camp Tycoon. It takes place in Freeport and is an all-inclusive summer camp. It includes lunch, T-shirts and all of their learning materials. We will be covering financial planning and literacy, graphic design, learning to create business plans, the whole nine yards.

“All of the information they will gain can, pretty much, help them in opening their own businesses or help their parents or friends with their businesses. We will also be covering the digitization of business this year, as we know that everything is now Internet-based,” Pinder stated.

Pinder spoke to the importance of hosting the five-day camp.

“This camp is very important to me, because I wish that all of the information that I know now, I had known back then. I was always interested in business and there were no classes offered in school that taught me about entrepreneurship, financial planning, or how to create a business plan.

“I had no idea where to start and I felt like if I had this information, I would have been further ahead in my career today, especially dealing with marketing. You can be any age and take advantage of these skills and get better and better,” she said.

Camp Tycoon is going to be held at the Grand Bahama Resilience Center this year, located in the Seahorse Plaza next to Aliv from July 26 -30.

Registration is free. Everything is included, and all participants have to do is show up.

Facilitator in the area of Financial Planning for this year’s Camp Tycoon, Caline Newton noted the significance of a financial understanding. 

“From my perspective, as a certified financial education instructor, this type of camp, especially in the area of financial planning and entrepreneurship, is very important. We have been taught that you go to school, you study, you come back home and you get a good job; and that is the blueprint for success. In this time, that is not the blueprint for success. There are other alternatives and one of them is entrepreneurship. To be a part of Camp Tycoon, it is so amazing that this opportunity is now here for adolescents.

“I will be bringing information, simple solutions and strategies that these children can take in the areas of personal finances, financial planning and entrepreneurship,” Newton shared.

Community Engagement and Partnership Manager, GBRC Jennifer Barnabie expressed pleasure over partnering  with Pinder in this initiative.

“Sasha approached us to partner with her in hosting the camp here at our center. Her vision is in congruence with our passion and our mission, as we aspire to empower young people through education and skills building.

“Financial literacy, as a matter of fact, is one of the programs that we offer at the GBRC and so it is all in line with our mission and what we are doing. We love to see young people excel, but not only excel, but placed in a position where they are able to give back, and as they are empowered, they are able to empower others. 

“Sasha actually served in one of our ‘Empowered to Empower’ webinars last year as a panelist, where she spoke about ‘Collaboration over Competition.’ And so, it was a no-brainer when she approached us,” Barnabie said.

Other instructors and their areas of study for this year’s Camp Tycoon include, Daneille Pratt, Graphic Design; Denzal Swain, Digitization of Business; Kenneth Miller, Public Speaking; Creighton Moxey, Business Plan Construction and Yvette Swain, Customer Service Training. Camp Tycoon is open to students between the ages of 13 to 17 and will be offered between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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