Rotaract Club of Freeport hosts fundraising event

FUND-RAISER – President and members of the Rotaract Club of Freeport held one of its major fund-raisers recently, to raise funds for their community projects. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

President and members of the Rotaract Club of Freeport continue organizing community projects despite the challenges of COVID-19.

As part of various community initiatives, club members recently held a fund-raiser, grill out, on Taino Beach. While the event was spearheaded by the Rotaract Club, the youth arm of Rotary International, a number of Rotarians were present and assisted, ensuring that COVID-19 protocols were in place.

Rotaract Club President Destiny Joseph shared that due to the pandemic, the Taino Beach event was the first major fund-raiser, this year, for the club.

“We are hosting our first fund-raiser of the year. Since COVID, this is the first time that we have been able to come out, and now that some of the restrictions have been lifted, we are able to have a few more showing up. Most of our fund-raisers are normally a group effort, where we have to have persons come in. Now we are able to follow COVID protocols and still host an event.

“All of our funds go towards the community services that we have to complete, such as helping our adopted schools, the old folks’ homes or whatever other projects that we have. These fund-raisers basically provide the funding to run our club,” Joseph explained.

Moving forward in this Rotaract year, Joseph was questioned what the community can expect to see from the civic organization.

“As this is our first fund-raiser since COVID, we are basically trying to establish our footing again to be able to do more for the community. This is just a way for us to get our hands and feet dirty again to help out as much as we can. Persons can expect a lot more, whether it be cook-outs, assisting the old folks’ homes, assisting children, tree planting, beach clean ups. We also do a lot of initiatives with the Rand Nature Center and The Bahamas National Trust; we have a lot more of that to come as well.”

Director of Fundraising Kinaz Rolle noted: “This fund-raiser is all about raising funds for the club, so that we can continue to carry out our community service initiatives and projects.

“So far we have two adopted schools and in order for us to keep the schools well maintained and beautified, we need to purchase products. Therefore, we need to have money in the club so that we can do these things.

“This event is one of our biggest fund-raisers for the year. We have had many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and so, this has been a major turnaround for the club.  We are looking forward to a successful event so that we can continue to carry out our community service within the City of Freeport,” Rolle said.

Questioned about the response to the grill out he expressed: “The response has been good. People have been coming out. We are trying our best to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols set aside by the government. We are ensuring that that is in place. We have a really good team out here and everyone is putting their best foot forward.

“The fiscal year for Rotaract runs from July to July and so before this Rotaract year ends, we expect to have another major fundraiser, to close out the year. You can keep an eye out for that,” concluded Rolle.

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