Minister for GB Thompson touts AML Foods locating Downtown

BRIGHT FUTRE – With AML Foods pending lease of the old Winn Dixie building, the future of Downtown, Freeport looks bright, said Minister of State for Grand Bahama Senator J. Kwasi Thompson. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

AML Foods’ recent announcement of its pending lease of the former Winn Dixie location to relocate the Queens Highway Solomon’s Food Store, came as good news to merchants Downtown, Freeport.

Minister of State for Grand Bahama and Finance Senator J. Kwasi Thompson noted that the move by AML is another indication that the future of Downtown “looks bright.”

“The fact that Solomon’s (AML Foods) has announced the intent to locate in the iconic spot of the old Winn Dixie in the Downtown area, is tremendous news for the island of Grand Bahama and for the City of Freeport,” Thompson told media representatives on Saturday (July 17).

“It really speaks to the fact that the future of the Downtown Freeport area looks extremely bright and extremely promising. It will provide the much-needed foot traffic to that Downtown area. It will breathe life back into the Downtown area, which is something that we are looking forward to. It will also provide immediate construction jobs for people in Grand Bahama.

“The government has been focused on revitalizing the Downtown area; first, by renovating the Garnet Levarity Justice Center; second, by the Post Office which is under renovations now; also, by ensuring that we complete the first phase of the Rand Memorial Hospital as well; and we renovated the Ministry of Agriculture Building; and provided additional vendors at the Ministry of Agriculture Building.”

According to Thompson, the government for a long time, has been focusing on the renovations and revitalizing of the Downtown area.

He added that AML’s Solomon’s opening will just complement the area.

“We also understand that the University of The Bahamas is working on plans to move into a Downtown location. Again, that will provide more economic activity, more foot traffic. And so, the future of the Downtown area of Grand Bahama is extremely bright. We are looking forward to it and we believe that it is really overdue.

“I believe that the entire island of Grand Bahama and all of the people in the Freeport area, especially those in the Downtown area, will benefit tremendously by this new initiative,” Thompson said.

The senator spoke of much more coming on stream.

“We are looking forward to the transformation and revitalization of the Downtown area and this is just the beginning. The government is also working on a project that will bring additional foot traffic to Downtown.

“However, we want those businesses that are in the Downtown area to, again, think about getting themselves ready for the additional traffic that is going to be coming. We are looking forward to persons opening up restaurants, cafes, and other office spaces, because a food store provides such tremendous foot traffic and tremendous opportunities for business.

“We are encouraging businesses to get themselves ready for the additional foot traffic that will come,” concluded Thompson.

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