Mayfield Community Park, Garden venue nearly finished

MAYFIELD PROJECT – Located off of Marley Drive in the community of Mayfield Park lies a near-completed Community Park and Garden that will soon be available for all residents of Marco City, said Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Michael Pintard, FNM incumbent for that constituency. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Located off of Marley Drive in the community of Mayfield Park lies a near-completed Community Park and Garden that will soon be available for all residents of Marco City, and by extension the entire Grand Bahama to enjoy.

According to Free National Movement (FNM) incumbent Michael Pintard, the project has been in the making for quite some time, but as of Monday (September 13) park was about 90 percent completed.

“Mayfield Park is a historic community here on Grand Bahama that has produced so many incredible citizens. One of the goals of this community has been to put in place a recreational park. And so, for the last 15 years plus, efforts were made to develop this recreational space,” Pintard told media personnel on Monday.

Several challenges were cited for the delay in the completion date.

“There were a number of significant complications that hindered it (completion). I have had the good fortune of leaning on the past members of parliament, who willingly provided guidance and advice to assist us in arriving at where we are today,” Pintard added.

Noting that the park is already attracting significant attention, Pintard credited those who supported the project, including David Thompson, Zhivargo Laing, Pleasant Bridgewater and Gregory Moss. He said on more than one occasion they came to the park and shared suggestions on how best to move forward in developing the site.

“We believe governments are continuous and so, it was important for us to have a partnership with Bahamians who have been doing wonderful work over the years and to benefit from their advice, in developing this space. We have added to this space a community garden that will help The Bahamas answer the food security question, providing the right amount of food, the right types of food that can strengthen our people as we build this country.

“What you are seeing today is one of two broad concepts that we have. One is to develop a recreational park with a community garden and the second spot you will see, which is four times this size, is a community garden with a recreational park as a component of it,” Pintard revealed.

Moss, who was present, expressed excitement over the site's transformation.

“It is my pleasure to be here today. I want to applaud Michael Pintard on bringing this idea … this needed concept to fruition. This is more than just a park. This is a revitalization, pivot point for this community. This is also a visionary concept for this country, that we can take things that are just languishing around and make something meaningful out of them.  This is not just for ourselves and what we are able to do, but for the communities and the betterment of our country,” said the former MP.

He continued: “It is my pleasure to thank my friend Michael for his work over these years, for what he has done to bring this to fruition and in fact, what he has done with other projects in this community. 

“This is wonderful; the idea of bringing, I would say, food awareness, food security, food highlighting to the community and marrying that with a recreational area where people can enjoy themselves. It is really visionary and I do applaud Mr. Pintard for that.” said Moss.

“The other point with this park that I think is such an important point, and this is bit deprecating of myself in saying this, but when Michael first brought me here and showed me this spot, my immediate reaction was not to fall into the various holes that were in the ground; not to stumble over the big rocks. And then, (I wondered) how in the world can you make this unleveled location into something meaningful and practical for the people.

“That point is an important point because what it points to is that we tend to look at our own country and see the limitations of it, not the opportunities that it presents. We tend to ignore the fact that you can take basic raw material, basic raw structure and just add vision and make it something meaningful.

“What I see here in this park I would love to see in this country; not just for the reproduction of parks. I would love to see that, but, also, for the maximization of opportunities and value in this country. I think that is something that I knew of Michael in the few protests we did at College of The Bahamas and the rest of it. He always had this poetic but hard, strong, patriotic approach to how we could make this country better,” said Moss.

“I am seeing the fruition of it here and I am very pleased with what I see. I just hope that it is not only replicated in the sense of other parks popping up throughout the country, but in the idea of it.

“We have the means, the raw materials, the opportunities, the talent, the people and the resources to maximize what we have to make this something that it should be … to grow our opportunities, into the fullness of what they should be,” Moss stated.

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