Roberts:?Voter registration in the east progressing nicely

Harvey Roberts

With 2017 being the year for the country’s General Election, Administrator for the East Grand Bahama District, Harvey Roberts, spoke exclusively with this daily, about voter registration in that area.


According to Roberts, voter registration on the eastern end of the island is progressing nicely. 


“Things are going very well, persons are coming out. I took in about 21 persons yesterday. This morning we had about seven persons come in; it is going well. 


“Every day we had just about seven to 10 persons, which averages about 50 per week. Starting on Monday we will begin our mobile registration drive,” he revealed.


“We are employing other persons to come on board beginning at 3:00 p.m. today. Mr. Cecil Thompson is in charge of that; he will be bringing back a lot of retirees, to train. Veteran educators such as Hezekiah Dean and Benjamin Stubbs are expected to return, to educate the clerks, ultimately resulting in a smoothly run process for all parties involved.”  


Questioned how things are in the East Grand Bahama District Administrator Roberts stated, “It is good to be in Grand Bahama, I love it; this is my second term. I have been here for four months.”


Having served as Family Island Administrator on two islands that experienced devastating hurricanes, Joaquin and Matthew, Roberts shared his experiences.   


In his opinion, Roberts believes Hurricane Joaquin was worse than Hurricane Matthew. 


“By far it was worse. We lost track of Joaquin, because they said that it was not coming to Acklins where I was, but it came. Joaquin was over us for three days, it did not move. We did not know where we were, I lost track of time. It was an experience that I do not want to relive ever again. It was horrible, but we survived, thank God.”


Arriving on September 1, 2016 right before Hurricane Matthew hit the island, Roberts told this daily that East End remains a closely-knit constituency. 


“There is not much going on here at the moment, but there are a lot of things in the pipeline.”


As for the potable water project Roberts said that residents of Freetown are very happy about it. “I am happy for them, we take it for granted; but very soon they will have it.” 


Phase Two of the Potable Water Project is expected to commence next week. 


Published  Friday, January 6, 2017 


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