Local health care professionals: ‘Minnis ignored calls’

DR. HUBERT MINNIS, Former Prime Minister

Spokesperson for a local medical facility says Dr. (Hubert) Minnis’ call for the government to cover the costs for Atlantis Resort's staff COVID testing is disingenuous at best.

“While in power, Dr. Minnis ignored calls from now Prime Minister (Philip) Davis to implement free mass testing for all residents.

“On Dr. Minnis' watch Doctors Hospital was reportedly given the exclusive to provide testing at the mega resorts. It seems now Dr. Minnis wants the government to pay Doctors Hospital exclusively," said the spokesperson.

“We call on Dr. Minnis to publicly disclose if he has or ever had shares in Doctors Hospital and while at it, explain why after taxing residents for health visas and never implementing free mass testing while in power, where did this sudden care and concern come from for Atlantis employees and the Bahamian people generally?

“It is truly very difficult for Bahamian businesses and particularly health professionals like ourselves, to ever trust or take Dr. Minnis seriously. He is, in our view, calling on the government to promote a monopoly he has allowed at Doctors Hospital at the expense of the taxpayers.

“As we see it, as prime minister, Dr. Minnis did absolutely nothing to protect the workers at Atlantis Resort.”

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