GB’s top cop issues stern warning

ASHTON GREENSLADE, Assistant Commissioner of Police, OIC for GB and the Northern Bahamas

Assistant Commissioner ofPolice (ACP) Ashton Greenslade headed a team of officers Friday (November 20) morning, covering major thoroughfares on Grand Bahama, sending a stern message to the criminal element. 

““Members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Grand Bahama Division are out this morning in full force. We are covering 12 strategic checkpoints. The purpose of this road check is to ticket persons and to cite persons, who are in breach of the traffic laws and also the COVID-19 laws. 

“We are also searching suspected vehicles for dangerous drugs, firearms and other contrabands. We are also looking for persons who are wanted by the police and who have been in hiding. We hope to surprise them this morning with this operation and bring them into custody,” Greenslade said. 

“While I am at it, I want to send a warning out to those persons who are wanted by the police and believe that they are hiding from us. I want all of you who are wanted, to turn yourselves in today by 6:00 p.m. at the Central Police Station or the Police Station in your area. 

“If you are afraid to walk into the station, call the commanding officer and have him bring you in, but we need you to turn yourself into custody. If you do not, we are coming after you and I guarantee you, by Monday (November 23) morning, all of you who are wanted, for criminal offences will be in police custody,” admonished Greenslade. 

To other criminals wanted by the police on other islands within The Bahamas, he warned them not to travel to Grand Bahama as a means of evading authorities in their jurisdictions. 

“We also want to warn the criminal element who are wanted on other islands in The Bahamas, including New Providence, not to come to Grand Bahama. We are not a safe or soft target for the criminal element; turn yourselves into the police on those other Family Islands also,” he advised. 

The Officer in Charge of the Northern Bahamas Division of the RBPF acknowledged that similar road checks have been conducted on the island since the beginning of the year and have in fact, proven to be quite effective. 

“We have been conducting road checks from January until now, and we have found road checks to be very effective. They deter the criminal elements and it forces persons to bring their vehicles up to date. 

“In short order you will see us roll out a traffic education program. I think that for this year, we had to many young persons die on the streets of Grand Bahama. We want to avoid that and so, we will be educating the motoring public to drive safely; to drive with due care and attention and to pay attention to the roads when they are driving,” concluded Greenslade. 

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