Central Grand Bahama’s Farmers Market Festival set for Saturday 

JOIN US – Committee Members and vendors of the upcoming Central Grand Bahama’s Farmers Market Fest encourage all Grand Bahamians to join them this coming Saturday, June 12 at the Grand Bahama Community Park at Princess between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Pictured at fourth right is Judith Dawkins, Chairperson, Central Grand Bahama’s Farmers Market Fest; at second right is Joseph Darville, Committee Member, Central Grand Bahama’s Farmers Market Fest and at fourth left is Karenda Swain, Manager, Ministry of Tourism. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

This coming Saturday, June 12, Member of Parliament for the Central Grand Bahama Constituency, Iram Lewis, and volunteers of the Community Garden, will join with residents for the first Farmers Market Fest at the Grand Bahama Community Park.

Located adjacent to the International Bazaar, the market will afford entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their wares to the wider community. 

Judith Dawkins, Chairperson, Central Grand Bahama’s Farmers Market Fest confirmed that the Garden’ Farmer’s Market Fest is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

“We have a number of vendors who will be participating, selling their wares such as jewelry, hot pepper sauce, soaps, oils and other items. We want the general public to come out and support our vendors. We are trying to build an economic community in Grand Bahama. 

“We have had recession after recession and so, we are trying to help vendors to sell their wares and we want the general public to come out and show support,” Dawkins said.

Some 50-plus vendors are expected to have stalls at the market. 

“Right now we are set at about 30, but we expect others,” she noted. 

Joseph Darville, Committee Member, Central Grand Bahama’s Farmers Market Fest added the following: “I started with Minister Iram Lewis when he developed the Community Garden in Central Grand Bahama. That has been going really well. Unfortunately, we have had some really dry spells recently, but now with the rains beginning again, we will see our Community Garden, which is right down the road from here, flourishing. 

“I really want to commend Minister Lewis for the significant impact he is making on Grand Bahama with respect to how we have to begin to use what God has given us from the soil, to begin to grow the things that we need to survive, with the land that we have within The Bahamas, which is very fertile. We have 364 days of sunshine, and sufficient rainfall. Until Dorian we still had freshwater under the ground. Hopefully, that will come back in due time with good rainfall.

“And so, all of these things put together along with the land that we have, and an ocean which is expanding because we are losing land but gaining more ocean, that is one hundred square miles of ocean. We need to make sure that we combine the land with the ocean to make sure that we are using these two particular, incredible creative forces that God has given us, in order to feed our people in the future. 

“We are tired of having to depend on foreign entities to feed our people, mostly, if it is coming from the land. We have enough resources to grow food to export. We are now exporting fish and crawfish in abundance, we can also do that with crops if we use the land and the climate that we have efficiently,” informed Darville.

“This is going to be a celebration, inviting all of the people that are farming and producing themselves; plus, those who actually make and manufacture products. This will be an exciting day, in order to send a message across the entire Archipelagic nation of The Bahamas that we can do this in our country. 

“Again, I salute Iram Lewis for initiating this incredible area. Please come out and celebrate with us; make monetary contribution so that we can put all of these things in this magnificent venue that can accommodate every Saturday, in the afternoon, parents and their children to enjoy the Community Park,” he said.  

Karenda S. Swain, Manager, Ministry of Tourism also encouraged all to attend the Market Fest this coming Saturday.

“We are so proud to be partnering with our People to People Ambassador Judith Dawkins and this initiative that Minister Iram Lewis is spearheading. 

“At the Ministry of Tourism, we are always looking for authentic Bahamian experiences for our guests. We are happy to be partners in this initiative and we will be there supporting, as we continue to inspire Bahamians to provide authentic Bahamian experiences for our guests,” she said.  

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