Blues Rose Foundation donates to cancer patient

BLUE ROSE DONATIONS – Co-Founders of the Blue Rose Foundation, siblings Philip and Anja Bowe, recently introduced the foundation that was formed in memory of their mother, the late Minerva Bowe-McIntosh, to the Grand Bahama community with donations to young Justice Rolle and Fidelity Bank. Pictured from left in the main photo are Jade Pinder (niece); Anja Bowe (daughter); Jamal Rolle, father recipient; Justice Rolle, recipient; Philip Bowe and Astranique Bowe (daughter-in-law). (PHOTO: BARBARA WALKIN)

Ten-year-old Justice Rolle, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, was the recipient of a sizable financial donation courtesy of the Blue Rose Foundation recently.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (also known as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, NHL, or sometimes just lymphoma) is a cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the body’s immune system.

Co-Founders of the Blue Rose Foundation, siblings Philip and Anja Bowe, children of the late Minerva Bowe-McIntosh, travelled to Grand Bahama to make the presentation to young Rolle in honor of their mother.

“We wanted to assist Justice with his medical treatment through the foundation that was formed in December 2019,” said Philip Bowe, who also serves as chairman.

Bowe-McIntosh passed away in February 2019.

“My sister and I wanted to carry on her legacy and name of philanthropy and giving back. I recalled when we were here for her funeral, all we heard were people coming up to us saying if it weren’t for your mom I wouldn’t have been able to do this; my child wouldn’t have been able to go off to school through her service in banking.

“So, my sister and I, we wanted to continue that legacy. So, we decided to form the foundation. Of course, we are in Nassau and that’s where the foundation is based, but we wanted to introduce the foundation to the Grand Bahama community, especially with this month being Leukemia Awareness Month,” said Bowe.

He noted that several activities were planned to take place in Grand Bahama to introduce the foundation – $1 Drive, Blood Drive, Bake Sale, Church Service – but due to COVID and the rising cases, they were pushed back to December.

“We decided to scale back and put those off, tentatively, until December. But of course, we still wanted to introduce the foundation to the Grand Bahama community, so we decided to make a donation to Justice, who was recommended to us by Dr. Sinquee-Brown. She’s the only doctor that sees adolescents with cancer, with blood cancers in particular.”

Additionally, a donation was made to Fidelity Bank.

“We had an Art Competition in December 2020. It was online and open to various ages throughout the country and the top piece, the winning artist, we are donating to Fidelity Bank in GB. This was the last place mom worked.

“We will also be leaving a donation box, a change donation box. We have a little hook for that … ‘Your change to make a change.’ It will be left here in the bank and so, we encourage persons when you are leaving the bank after conducting your business, whatever loose change you have, leave in the box to help children living with Leukemia and other blood cancers,” Bowe concluded.

Justice’s father, Jamal Rolle, thanked the brother and sister for their kind gesture.

“On behalf of my son and I, I want to thank you for assisting with this very generous donation. We thank everyone involved. We appreciate it so much,” said the senior Rolle.

The father noted that the cancer is in remission, right now.

Justice too, expressed his thanks.

Questioned by Bowe about his current condition, the youngster said: “I am feeling good right now.”

Justice is an avid baseball player, who had to discontinue playing ball because of his condition. However, he hopes to return to the game soon.

Management of Fidelity Bank thanked the Bowes for their donation.

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