Beacon for Change continues to shine light on adopted learning institution

BEACON OF CHANGE DONATION – Students of The Beacon School received school supplies from their donors of the Beacon of Change Foundation. Pictured from left are Assistant Principal at The Beacon School, Donovan Bowe; Beacon for Change Foundation GB representative, Ravanno Ferguson and The Beacon School Principal, Titi McKenzie-Moss. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Beacon for Change Foundation has again stepped up to assist its adopted local learning institution, The Beacon School with a number of back-to-school supplies for the 109 students enrolled.

Making the presentation on behalf of the Beacon for Change Foundation on Tuesday (September 7) was Ravanno Ferguson, who noted that the foundation’s continued effort to donate to The Beacon School is a long-standing one that will go on for years to come.

“This is Beacon for Change’s 11th year doing this, where we have been doing various donations especially here at The Beacon School. This is a baby of Sonless Martin, who unfortunately could not be here today. On behalf of the foundation, we wanted to come back and supply the necessary resources that the children here need for back to school, as quickly as possible.

“We want to ensure that this school that we adopted some years ago, always has the supplies needed for a good school year,” Ferguson said.

The foundation responded to a list of needed supplies, provided.

“We received a list from Mrs. Moss (principal, The Beacon School) and she requested notebooks, pencils, crayons, all of the items that both the primary and junior school would need for the school year.

“I am sure that we will continue these donations. Last year we donated 20 laptops to the entire staff. We have been donating here over the past 10 years. We want to make sure that we give back as much as possible,” said Ferguson.

Principal Titi McKenzie-Moss expressed her appreciation for the donation of school supplies from the Beacon of Change Foundation.

“The Beacon School is thrilled that the Beacon for Change has been donating to our facility for the past 11 years.

“Today, we are receiving the basic school supplies and we are so grateful. Even though our children are engaged in virtual learning, these are still supplies that they will need during their virtual sessions, and also when they return for face-to-face conditions. These supplies will definitely go a long way in assisting them,” she noted.

“We are so grateful for the continued support to us, for the past 11 years. I thank them for all that they have done and continue to do for The Beacon School and the students within The Bahamas,” concluded The Beacon School principal. 

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