Bahamian artist utilizing digital platforms to showcase products

UTILIZING DIGITAL PLATFORMS – Grand Bahamian artist Denzel Lightbourne, now more than ever, has embraced the new age of technology. He transforming his one of a kind art work pieces onto digital platforms and exposing his work to a larger audience. The artist is pictured with two pieces of his work. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DENZEL LIGHTBOURNE)

Grand Bahamian artist Denzel Lightbourne, now more than ever, has embraced the new age of technology. He is transforming his one of a kind art work pieces onto digital platforms and exposing his work to a larger audience. 

After getting involved, in digital artwork prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lightbourne now uses this new platform to not only showcase his uniquely Bahamian styled work, but also to take advantage of the new wave of the future as it relates to digital currencies as well.

Passionate about art, the young artist shared with this daily how he fell in love with art very early.

Lightbourne noted that his love for art has grown and transformed to a uniquely different form of expression.

“I have been an artist pretty much my entire life. As a child I pretty much gravitated towards art in general; things people create such as cartoons, comic books, postcards what have you. Junkanoo, especially, was a very big part of my inspiration for just creating art.

“As a child, my first tool was a pencil and I realized I enjoyed drawing more than I wrote. I would draw things for my peers. Looking back at it now, I realized that art was a passion of mine since I was a child.  I just loved creating things for people and for myself,” Lightbourne recalled.

His artistic interest grew even more after entering high school.

“When I graduated high school, I realized that just creating portraits, and traditional art was not all that I wanted to create. I wanted to prove that I would pursue art, realistically, draw anything I saw and create an income. Artists tell stories and so, I took a break from creating portraits and developed my own style of painting.

 “About three years ago, I began painting illustrations, adding more color and more of a flavor to my work. Definitely, it was a Bahamian flavor for sure. I am deeply rooted in the Bahamian culture with my work. People love my new style. Right now, I create mainly acrylic work digitally. My digital work is transferred to acrylic,” he revealed.

With the inability to showcase his work in galleries, and in person as he did prior to the pandemic, he now utilizes various forms of online platforms and crypto currency to display his products as well, and allow persons to purchase his pieces.

“A lot of galleries closed down. Persons could not go inside and look at artwork anymore and so, everything has gone digital since the pandemic. I have taken advantage of various platforms that are offered online.

“Even before the pandemic I always thought that digitally, people would want to see work. Sometimes people do not have the time to go out and look at certain work while visiting galleries.”

Questioned about the response from persons now that his work is on digital platforms, Lightbourne expressed satisfaction.

 “The response has been amazing. People email me all the time, wanting a piece of my work. I am currently working on a website so that people can log on to view my work from there.

“As far as support and people reacting to my work, I have been getting a lot of followers from all over the world of persons admiring my work.”

As it relates to blockchain technology and digital currency in general, Lightbourne stated that he would like to encourage fellow Grand Bahamians to take advantage of the future of currency.

“Right now, in The Bahamas we have our own crypto currency. The Central Bank of The Bahamas is planning on releasing its own crypto currency, the Sand Dollar. If that can happen in The Bahamas, I believe that all in The Bahamas can get their hands on some crypto currency, which is a digital asset. It will be great. Once you invest in it, it will double and triple over time,” Lightbourne said.

“I encourage people in Grand Bahama to look into it and get their digital wallets up and running. You do not have to spend large amounts of money to invest in it. The more persons that invest, making it a community initiative, the higher the value of whichever crypto currency you decide to invest in, goes up.

“Some of my work, I have put on the block chain. Block chain is basically a secured database. I uploaded my portraits, which can be exchanged for crypto currency,” he added.

For the skeptics, who are not sure whether they want to invest in the new era of currency, Lightbourne said, “This is the now, if you decide to stay in the past you will be left behind, because one day, and one day very soon you will have to make purchases using block chain and crypto currency in general.

“Paper notes will soon be a thing of the past. Right now, there is a huge community behind digital currency, making it valuable. If you sleep on it now, later on down the line it will be harder to take advantage of. Very soon people will be buying groceries with the Sand Dollar that the Central Bank is creating,” concluded Lightbourne.

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