Fowlco Limited expands its reach to the islands

EXPANDING – Local business owners continue to express confidence in the island’s economy, and the executives of Fowlco are no exception. Recently the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Glennett Fowler (left), announced that they have moved into inter-island transport with Inter-Island Air Freight.

With a decade of service in the Grand Bahama business community, executives of Fowlco Limited have embarked on a new venture, expanding their reach to service even more residents throughout the archipelago.

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fowlco Limited Glennett Fowler, recently announced the company’s latest investment – Inter-Island Air Freight.

Inter-Island Air Freight services began the first week in February.

Fowler said that in addition to Inter-Island Air Freight serving the islands to transport goods, packages and documents, beginning next month Fowlco Import Export will also suspend United States (US) courier services for their non-business clientele.

Speaking to the benefits of the new venture, Fowler opined that Inter-Island Air Freight is posed to be the leading air freight forwarding service provider that will move goods throughout The Bahamas in a modern, efficient and affordable manner.

“Inter-Island Air Freight allows Bahamian businesses and entrepreneurs to connect, reach and grow. Through our service, Bahamian entrepreneurs will now be able to efficiently move their manufactured goods, perishable and non-perishable items, along with important packages and documents on the same day or with our next day air freight forwarding service,” Fowler explained.

According to the CEO, the company’s transportation hub is located in Nassau, however, local packages and products are received at their Fowlco Headquarters, Fishing Hole Road.

“Inter- Island Air Freight allows you to send products and packages by air to the islands of Abaco, Eleuthera, Exuma, Long Island and of course, New Providence.

“To be clear, once your package is delivered to our authorized receiving sites by 11:00 a.m. we will get it to your destination on the same day, or next day. There is no need to visit the airport to drop off or collect.

“The affordability and efficiency of Inter-Island Air Freight is attractive and we look forward to meeting the needs of Bahamians, as we modernize the movement of products and goods by air freight forwarding,” said Fowler.

In terms of the company’s import and export operations, Fowler noted that the demand for the import of goods has proven to be essential for thousands of individuals who import on a regular basis.

“Our business operations continue to contribute to the economic sustainability of Grand Bahama, because Bahamians and residents who choose to do business with us. We are grateful for the trusted confidence of clients, who choose us as their preferred choice and partner for import export services throughout the Grand Bahama community.

“As the demand for our services have increased, our service delivery has improved. We have also been able to identify clients who benefit most from our services. Now, we are able to refocus our efforts to better support them as we strategically open the door to create new opportunities for other United States couriers to follow the US courier footsteps of Curtis Fowler, our founder, who embarked upon this journey as an entrepreneur,” said the CEO.

She noted that many Grand Bahama businesses have trusted Fowlco to import products and goods on their behalf through Fowlco Import Export. “We value this business and will continue to facilitate services for businesses inclusive of cargo, brokerage, trucking and customs clearance.

“This strategically focused approach reflects our commitment to our community to offer business-to-business support. We will do our part to support this important client base.

“On the other hand, our non-business clients should be advised that with effect Friday, April 2, 2021, Fowlco Import Export will no longer serve as a US courier on their behalf.  We are confident that our redirection will enable more Bahamian-led US courier providers, to elevate their customer service and fill the void that our operations provided to Grand Bahamians who seek to import personal items and goods into the country. As we grow, our focus to facilitate cargo brokerage, trucking and customs clearance for business remains strong,” Fowler said.

“Personally, I look forward to being able to support and receive authentically made Bahamian products from entrepreneurs throughout the country.

“As we grow we thank our loyal customers for choosing Fowlco Import Export. We look forward to our new relationships with individuals, businesses and organizations who will use Inter-Island Air Freight by Fowlco.

“For us, the ongoing opportunities to connect our islands with access to goods and products in a more efficient manner, we hope that entrepreneurs will reach new clients and markets to grow their business. We are growing in this current environment and we want to support more Bahamians on their entrepreneurial journey,” said Fowler.

“We have been doing well. Currently we have been serving Grand Bahama, New Providence and Abaco. Next week we will add in Eleuthera and the following week we expect to add Exuma,” said Fowler.

As expected, she noted that the company’s latest venture has allowed for an increase to the Fowlco Limited employee complement. “Based on our last two ventures, we recently opened up The Hardware Center in Abaco, where we added an additional eight staff to the Fowlco team. In New Providence we added an additional five members of the team. In total we have about 39 members of the team, currently employed with Fowlco.

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