US Too Grand Bahama prepares for free Prostate screening in early 2020

DON MITCHELL US Too Prostate Cancer Screening, Chairman

US Too Grand Bahama’s free Prostate Cancer screening is being planned for early 2020, said Don Mitchell, Prostate Cancer Screening Chairman. 

The organization’s annual screening initiative usually takes place in September; however, the well-attended procedure was postponed, this year, due to the passing of Hurricane Dorian. 

“As Chairperson of US Too Grand Bahama’s Prostate Cancer Screening, having screened 827 men, in total in 2018, it disappointed many men in Grand Bahama because we had to postpone this past September’s screening because of Dorian. 

“I have suggested to the Board and to the Medical Association, our partners and friends here in Grand Bahama, that we do it (screening) in February 2020. The dates that we have foreshadowed, having talked to the Public Hospitals Authority, the Rand Memorial Hospital, are February 21 and 22,” Mitchell disclosed. 

“The Medical Association, particularly some of the top doctors, have implored us to have it because we have run into so many men on Grand Bahama over the last few months, since Dorian, who asked when we are going to have the screening. 

“We think that it is important to get the island back to normalcy as quickly as possible and the men do need to be screened,” noted Mitchell. 

“I am proposing, that because we have dodged hurricanes so many times in September, I am going to suggest to our Board that we do one screening and change the month. We had to postpone it a few years ago for the same reason – Hurricanes Matthew, Irma and now Dorian,” noted Mitchell.

With the overwhelming response to the screening initiative over the past few years, Mitchell furthered, “As an 11-year survivor, myself, in fact, November 20 was 11 years since I had my surgery, I was very dismayed when I came to Grand Bahama and discovered the lack of knowledge and understanding of Prostate Cancer and the prostate in general. As a result, I joined US Too Grand Bahama and the rest is history. We started the screening, and it has grown every single year. 

“We have actually expanded it to a lot of other things as well, including the Healthy Lifestyle Division of the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH) participate in our screenings. They conduct Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure and other things; sometimes we discover men who we have to take right to the Emergency Room, because of their pressure or glucose levels being so high. That is very important. 

“Another thing is, RMH is now asking us to move our screenings to where Samaritan’s Purse is presently located, the building where they house their community clinic. We expect that after February our next screening will be there. 

“They (RMH) have said to us that they would like to explore more initiatives with US Too, where they can partner with us and so, that is a good thing for US Too in the future.”

Mitchell thanked the organization’s corporate sponsors, in particular Jarol Investments (trading as Chances Games) for their continued support. 

“As Jarol and Chances support us every year, like they support the Cancer Society, the Rotary Clubs and others, we are very grateful to them for their support. Without our partners we could not do this.

“We are very grateful to Jarol and Chances for the recent donation, which will help us tremendously. We figure that for our next screening, we are going to screen well over 1,000 men because of the support that we have been getting. As I said, we screened over 827 in 2018 and so there is no reason to stop now; we think that we are on a roll,” concluded Mitchell. 

Thanks to the support from corporate sponsors, the annual screenings are offered to men free of charge.

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