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Freeport News Bahamas

Freeport News Bahamas

The Freeport News has been published in Grand Bahama for 50 years and is the first choice in print media for daily news and information.

  • There are ten dedicated sales people distributing The Freeport News directly into the hands of consumers every day. Advertising in The Freeport News gets your information into the hands of over 18,000 Grand Bahamians per week.
  • Three drivers deliver The Freeport News to 60 depots daily Monday through Saturday.
  • In addition to 60 depots there are over 50 other locations that receive The Freeport News daily. Locations including businesses, retail outlets, schools, churches, government offices, law firms and banks receive The Freeport News every day.
  • Don’t take the chance that your target audience will happen upon your information, possibly after the fact.
  • Take control of the timing and distribution of your message, take advantage of the flexibility of a daily publication.
  • The Freeport News offers world wide exposure through our website which receives approximately 862,960 hits per month.

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