Wilkinson making her stride in sophomore year

Quentinique Wilkinson 

It’s never too late find your niche in life. 

For Waldorf University’s Quentinique Wilkinson, a native of Grand Bahama, it appears that the Bishop Michael Eldon School product has found success in a brand-new arena. 

Known for her abilities as a softball player in high school, Wilkinson made the transition from softball player to track and field athlete. It was also noted by her grandmother, Debbie Pennerman, that Wilkinson had zero track and field experience before joining the teams. 

Once a Warrior, always a Warrior. The former BMES Warriors have played a big role in helping the Waldorf Warriors achieve success on the track. Most recently at the opening of their indoor season back in January. 

Wilkinson and the Warriors competed at the Chelsey M. Henkenius Memorial indoor track and field meet that Saturday (January 19) hosted by Wartburg College. 

In their first competition of the winter, the Warrior quartet of Taylor Navratil, Kaila Jackson, Camara Green and Maria Cordi led a one-two finish for Waldorf in the 4x200 with a victorious time of 1 minute, 51.05 seconds (1:51.05).

They bested the second-place time of 1:53.17 run by fellow Warriors’ Wilkinson, Kimberly Talamantes, Hayleigh Solano, and Skila Rogers.

All eight Waldorf sprinters combined to break the old school record time of 1:58.31 run by Jackson, Navratil, Patricia Molina and Charley Buddenhagen in January of 2017.

What Wilkinson continues to do at the University level remains to be seen. But her story from high school to University was one her grandmother felt could be of some help to another young person who may have trouble finding assistance in their advancement.

Pennerman noted that with the help of Premier Plus Consultants, Wilkinson was able to see her dreams become a reality.

“The impact of the service over the past two years was tremendous from Premier Plus Consultants. They were great. Sitting back and thinking of the right choice that needed to be made for my granddaughter after graduating from high school at such a tender age 16 with such low grades that was not up to par to attend university to further her development in life was a major concern,” she shared.

Pennerman continued, “My daughter and I reached out to Premier Plus Consultants for assistance. The information was priceless. With all the information presented by them, we were able to make an informed decision for my granddaughter. We sent her to boarding school to complete a PG (Post-Graduate) year, where she made major improvements especially with her grades obtaining As and Bs, also maturing physically and mentally for college life ahead. Premier Plus Consultants ensured she had the necessary support levels during her PG year to ensure all of our goals and objectives for university was realized.

“The support services form Premier Plus Consultants was tremendous and we are so thankful.”

In a statement via the PPC’s Facebook page, they encouraged other athletes to remain encouraged and their athletic dreams are still, very possible to achieve. 

“A graduate from Bishop Michael Eldon in Freeport, Bahamas in 2016, you will not find her name in any track and field archives from her days in high school. But Quentinique Wilkinson (Known as Marcia) who joined PPC in 2017 had a quiet desire and belief to be involved in sports at the university level. Was it too late? She needed someone to believe with her and Premier Plus Consultants did. With the necessary family support Marcia upgraded her athletic and academic profiles and the rest is history.

“Let this be an example to those who may be dealing with what Marcia dealt with in 2014 to 2016 (doubt, discouragement and so on). Please stay encouraged in your belief for your goals and aspirations,” the statement concluded. 

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