Wildcats and Lady Blue Jays top the ranks in GBSSAA Softball

BEATING THE BALL TO THE BAG – The Jack Hayward Senior High Wildcats’ runner beat the ball to the bag in Wednesday’s (November 29) game against the TBCA Falcons. (Photo: Barbara Walkin)

Coming off a 11-9 win Wednesday (November 29) afternoon against the Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy (TBCA) Falcons, the Jack Hayward Senior High (JHSH) Wildcats remain undefeated in GBSSAA Senior Boys’ Softball play.

McKell Bethel, Wildcats’ pitcher led his team to the fifth inning victory against the Falcons, but not before “laying one” on the batter.

Bethel apologized for the pitch that caught the Falcons’ batter; however, he and the team went on to secure the win for a 6-0 record.

Following are team rankings.

GBSSAA Softball Rankings
Senior Boys
1. Jack Hayward Senior High (JHSH), 6-0
2. Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy (TBCA), 4-2
3. St. George’s High (STGH), 3-2-1
4. Eight Mile Rock High School (EMRHS), 3-2-1
5. Lucaya International School (LIS), 3-3
6. Sunland Baptist Academy (SBA), 1-5
7. Bishop Michael Eldon School (BMES), 0-6

N/B: Should STGH win LIS is out ... if STGH win they will finish in second place. If they lose they are OUT! EMRHS will be in third place, LIS in fourth and TBCA in second.

1. EMRHS, 3-1
2. STGH, 3-1
3. BMES, 2-2
4. JHSH, 2-2
5. TBCA, 0-4
The senior girls will play on Tuesday, December 5 at the YMCA beginning at 3:45 p.m. with the Lady Wildcats meeting the Lady Blue Jays in Game One and the Lady Warriors going up against the Lady Jaguars in Game Two.

1. BMES, 7-0
2. STGH, 6-1
3. JHJH, 4-2-1
4. TBCA, 3-3-1
5. SBA, 3-3-1
6. Sister Mary Patricia Russell (SMPR), 2-4-1
7. EMRHS, 0-7
8. East End Junior (EEJ), 0-7
The junior boys will see action on Wednesday, December 6 in semi-finals play, when TBCA take to the diamond against BMES and JHJH meet up with STGH. Their games will be played on the YMCA Field beginning at 3:45 p.m.

1. SMPR, 5-0
2. JHJH, 4-1
3. TBCA, 3-2-1
4. SBA, 2-3
5. BMES, 2-3
6. EMRHS, 0-5
The junior girls’ play-off is set for the YMCA on Thursday, December 7 with SBA going up against SMPR and TBCA meeting JHJH.

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