Us Too Grand Bahama to begin calendar year with golf tournament

Dr. Andrew Moxey

The Fifth Annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Charity Golf Tournament marks the beginning of Us Too Grand Bahama’s calendar year of events. 

Set for March 30 at the Reef Golf Course, players will have the option of competing in a two-person “best ball” or four-person “scramble” format. 

Registration for the tournament begins March 28-29 at the tournament’s host venue. 

“From March-September we engage in a series of fund-raisers that are all geared toward funding our major activity; our annual prostate cancer screening clinic,” Immediate Past Chapter President of Us Too Grand Bahama Andrew Moxey expressed, “It also helps us to fund activities such as educational and promotional activities. Everything we raise goes directly toward those programs.

“This year’s tournament will follow the same format it has all these years. Players will have an option to play in one of two formats: two-person best ball or four-person scramble.

“The tournament in the past has been extremely successful and has been growing tremendously from year to year.”

Moxey furthered when he stretched his gratitude toward sponsors like Aliv, Grand Bahama Shipyard, FOCOL, Chances and Equinor.

“The sponsorship level is going very well. But we’d like to appeal to our potential golfers, this is an opportunity for them to support Us Too in doing something they enjoy as individuals.

“They’d normally be enjoying golf on the weekends. So, we ask that they would continue to support the tournament.” 

“I thank that golfers who are the ones who make the tournament, the sponsors provide the support and so we ask our local Governments to come out and support us in this venture,” he concluded. 

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