Kenyan Knights’ track and field coach elected second vice president of NCB

Jason Larrimore

The Bahamas Association of Athletics Coaches (BAAC) held its Annual General meeting back in March, during The Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations (BAAA) High School Track and Field Nationals.

While father of Olympic gold medalist Shaunae Miller, Shaun Miller, was elected president, Grand Bahama’s Jason Larrimore was named second vice president, unopposed, to the National Coaching Board.

Fast Track’s Ravanno Ferguson was in the running for the first vice president position, but was edged by Rudolph Ferguson.
Since that time the Kenyan Knights’ coach was named to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the World Relays.
Larrimore disclosed that he was asked to take on other responsibilities, including being a coach for The Bahamas World Relays’ Team. The Freeport News caught up with Larrimore on Day One of the IAAF/BTC World Relays held in the capital last weekend, April 22 – 23, where he spoke about what it has been like since he received the position.

“I was approached about being a coach for the World Relays Team and I’m also the coach of the Grand Bahama All-Star Team for the Junior Program. So they had me real tied up for the World Relays,” Larrimore shared.
Despite the experience being a tedious one, Larrimore said, it was something that he took on with little to no complaints.

“The experience is a lot of work. From I’ve been here on Thursday (April 20), I’ve been getting back to my hotel at like 3 o’clock in the morning. So it’s just work, work, work and then get up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready by 7:00 a.m. to be on the road, just to accommodate who needs help with the BAAA and the IAAF.”
Larrimore is one the youngest coaches in the country and as a former athlete, had shown a work ethic that gave the association the confidence that he could handle any task asked of him.

“That’s just me. I really want to see whatever we do here in The Bahamas excel.”

Working with different personalities is a common hurdle, when you take on a new position. Nonetheless, for Larrimore it sounded like something he has weathered fine, so far.

“It’s hard because not everyone is alike and trying to accommodate individuals – it isn’t easy. That’s been the hardest part for the World Relays. But in terms of any other job they asked me to do it’s been fine.”

Larrimore also expressed his confidence in the BAAAs and thinks the current administration has done a “good job” since they took office.

“The BAAAs – I think they’ve been, so far, so good based on the past IAAF World Relays in 2015. I’ve seen a lot of progress in terms of accreditation. Everything runs a lot smoother now. I have to give it to Mrs. (Rosamunde) Carey – she’s doing an awesome job as the president of the BAAAs being the first female president. I have to give her, props.”

Asked how it felt to be the only person from Grand Bahama elected to the BAAC board, Larrimore felt confident that Ferguson would join him. While he quickly acknowledged the pressure that would come with the responsibility Larrimore vocalized he is more than open to the challenge.

“I guess the votes didn’t go the way we wanted them to go. Being the only Grand Bahamian on the team puts a lot of pressure on me because Grand Bahamians feel like I need to make things happen for Grand Bahama. I also feel the same way and that’s why I try to reach out to Grand Bahama to see what all we need to get done and what we need to do.”

The second vice president was selected to coach on two teams – the national team for the World Relays and to head coach the team for the World Youth Championships. Larrimore declined both offers for specific reasons.
“I turned down both because I’m more focused on Family Island development and getting those athletes where they need to be.

“To me, I feel there’s no team without Grand Bahama. That’s just my output there.”

Larrimore was entrusted as coach of the Kenyan Knights following the passing of late head coach, Frederick Bastian. The Club continues to train presently. Since Bastian, Larrimore held a memorial Track and Field tournament in his honor, while continuing to mentor up-and-coming athletes.

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