Track coach laments maintenance of Sports Complex

The maintenance of the Grand Bahama Sports Complex has been a vexing matter in recent memory.

Now that the academic school year is in full swing, that means athletes are back to work with after school track and field practices commonly held at the Complex.

However, one local track and field coach spoke with The Freeport News this past Tuesday to lament that something needs to be done about the management, or lack thereof, at the Complex, and fast.
Coach Jason Larrimore made it clear to this daily that little has been done by anyone he has reached out to concerning the matter.

"The first day back to practice, for the athletes that was their first day back to school and after school they came to practice. The bathrooms have been cleaned for about four weeks. And to go there and the parents complaining to me 'Jason, why the bathrooms aren't clean?' I couldn't give them an answer," he voiced, "I reached out to persons of high power and they told me it would get done. We kept waiting and waiting and nothing is being done. Our elite athletes are here home and can't really use the facilities.
"One part of the facility's grass is cut, and the next part isn't. What are we supposed to do?"

Larrimore further stated that there are persons that are at the facility on a daily basis but said the work needs to be take care of.

"Even with some of the collegiate athletes in the summer, the facility was in the same state and questioned me what was happening around there. I couldn't give any answers but I said I would try to get some answers."

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