Things expected to return to normal with Hurricane Irma moving further from GB

Grand Bahama Sports Complex

With the threat of Hurricane Irma moving further away from Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large, it appears things will go back to normal as of today.

Based on weather reports, Grand Bahama Sports Complex is expected to return to their normal operational hours today.

As for other events on the island, the Grand Bahama Amateur Softball League is expected to resume next weekend. They will resume depending on the passage of Hurricane Jose.

There were no other notable sporting events scheduled.

However, softball pioneers are still on the ball in hopes of getting their Benefit One-Pitch Softball Tournament going. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place on September 17, but the committee will convene to discuss a later date.

The tournament will be in aide of softball Hall of Famer Greg Christie, who is in need of an urgent medical procedure.

There is a registration fee per team that is due by September 13.

The divisions of play include Church, Corporate and 45 and Over.

Fees must be submitted prior to the start of the game.

There was no word as to when primary and high school sports would commence.

As things become clearer, weather-wise, word will be given.

There was also no word given on soccer and rugby.

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