Tank lobbying Freeport as boxing haven, while training overseas

OVERSEAS INTERACTION – Sherman “Tank” Williams, center, interacted with young and older boxers and gave ring tips while he is currently training over in Europe. (PHOTOS: COURTESY OF SHERMAN “TANK” WILLIAMS)

When the inaugural Back Yard Rumble took place back in May this year, Sherman “Tank” Williams made it a point to revive the sport of boxing in the country, specifically in his hometown of Grand Bahama.

The Bahama Son’s promotion was a successful venture that drew a sizeable crowd to the Social Affair Convention Center. The night was a special homecoming for Williams who scored a TKO victory in that night’s main event ,while introducing spectators to different fighters from around the world.

Now four months removed from that promotion, Williams is trekking on with his mission of promoting Grand Bahama as a premiere destination for major boxing events in the future.

The Freeport News understands that Williams is currently traveling Europe and in the process has begun the groundwork for the sequel to the Backyard Rumble, anticipated to take place November 2, here in Grand Bahama.

In a statement Williams exclusively told this daily, he reassured his commitment to promoting the Bahamian boxing brand, and is doing his very best to get the Government on board with his vision.

“I am committed to Boxing resurgence in Grand Bahama, on two levels,” he voiced, “Selling Freeport as a major venue and also from a eco social and economical prospective.

“I know the benefits and international viewing audience that come with the platform of professional boxing. I am trying my best to impart this vision on the Government, particularly the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and Ministry of Tourism. But securing commitment and support seems to be more difficult than ever before.”

In that same breath, Williams announced he is currently training over in Europe as he gets set for his next bout in November.

“I am in Europe training and looking forward to my next fight in November at the Back Yard Rumble 2. I will be facing Big Johnnie White (26-6; 17 knock outs) for the WBF (World Boxing Federation) International title. We are working on having Ditlev Rissing and two other Danish fighters on the Card in Grand Bahama.

“I also spoke with my German colleague in Berlin and Hamburg - they all show interest in putting their boxing on display at future Bahamian Sons upcoming events.

“I am totally committed to seeing the full potential realized in Bahamas boxing and also creating a platform and venue for upcoming Bahamian talents and help continue the careers of seasoned fighters like Tauereno Johnson, who already asked to be on the November card, and Meacher Major and Jermain Mackey. We also look forward to creating local grudge matches and have The Bahamas versus our neighboring Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad to name a few.”

Tank further disclosed that the Bahamian Sons Promotion brand has received a few television and streaming offers but it would thoroughly take the Government’s assistance to help make those dreams a reality.

“Bahamian Sons have been offered television and streaming production for upcoming events. However, this brings significant cost and challenges that could easily be overcome if everyone who has a stake in Grand Bahama participates, specifically the Government. Selling The Bahamas should be their primary focus.

“I have been here in Europe for the past six weeks selling Grand Bahama at every gym and event I attend.
I am 1,000 percent committed to resuscitating the sport and the island and I know we can do it together and become that brand, “Drama in Grand Bahama,” he concluded.

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