‘Storm’ set to make her IFBB pro debut

ROAD TO PRO – Charnice “Storm” Bain, centre, is officially on the road to her first pro debut at the 2019 IFBB Orlando/Europa Expo in April 2019. She is coached by her husband Desmond Bain, left, and will receives assistance with her training courtesy of the YMCA. Pictured at right is the Y’s Executive Director, Karon Pinder-Johnson. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Just three months removed from having obtained her International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro card, Charnice “Storm” Bain is ready to take the pro circuit by storm.

With six months left until the 2019 IFBB Orlando/Europa Expo, “Mrs. Bain” will be hard at work to ensure she makes her debut as a pro figure competitor a memorable one. The event will take place at the Orange County Center in April 2019.

To say the least, ever since Bain achieved her six-year goal of gaining her pro card back in July at the NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals held in Pittsburgh, she has not been resting on her laurels. Bain met with members of the media at the YMCA last week to discuss the way forward and she plans to get ready for competition in April.

Bain said that now that she is finally in on the professional level in her 40s, the status means a great deal to her.

“It means everything for me. It means hard work and determination pays off,” she voiced. “It means I get to compete on another level, which is a very elite level, and I get to showcase my real talent. Basically, I feel like I’ve been holding back a lot as an amateur.

“But it’s also going to require a lot more money to compete - probably four times as much as I would spend on an amateur level.”

‘Storm’ went on to add that the pro status has her more “driven” than in previous times. She also hoped that her accomplishment continues to be an inspiration to other athletes in the bodybuilding realm.

“I am so driven. Age is nothing but a number and I want to inspire people to feel like they can do whatever they want to as long as they put their mind to it and be disciplined about it.”

Bain did note that a lot more goes into performing on the bodybuilding stage and compared the similarities to that of a beauty pageant.

The Bahamas has the highest rate of obesity within the Caribbean and Latin America. It is also ranked in the top 25 in regards to obesity in the world, according to worldatlas.com. More than just being a competitor on stage, Bain made it clear she hopes to be a part of the collective inspiration to decrease the obesity rate on the island and in the country.

“The Bahamas is number one in the entire Caribbean and Latin America for obesity, because of poor eating habits. So, if I can be that one person to motivate people to get off the couch, to get moving, get walking and make a little effort in eating healthy. I’m going to be the person to do it. I’m ready for that task.”

YMCA executive director Karon Pinder-Johnson said that it is their mission to ensure that pro athletes receive the professional treatment that they deserve. In that breath, the Y’s chief director deemed it an honor to assist Bain with use of their facilities, as she gets ready for April 2019.

“We’re very, very excited and honored to be assisting Charnice in her journey as a bodybuilder. This is not the first for us. There was a young lady who was a pro several years ago, she also was given an opportunity to utilize the facilities.

“We know it’s not very cheap for fitness athletes to train and get ready for competition. So, we felt it necessary to be a part to ensure Mrs. Bain gets what is needed as far as the weight room.

“But we need Grand Bahama to now come on board in helping her to get to that next level in representing us,” she concluded.

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