Sponsors of Bernie Russell Pool Tournament excited to be a part of Seventh Anniversary

The Seventh Annual Bernie Russell Memorial Pool Tournament is expected to take place September 14-17 at the Grand Lucayan Ballroom.

The event is anticipated to feature a host of local and foreign pool players under one roof, competing for the top prizes in the eight ball singles and 10 ball doubles. As usual, an event that will radiate a ‘Las Vegas style’ atmosphere must have the support of some corporate citizens.

As the competition will give spectators a look at some of the best domestic and international talent, that dynamic falls under the Ministry of Tourism. Manager of Niche Markets, Nuvolari Chotoosingh voiced that the MOT is once again pleased to be help in the tournament.

“We’re happy to once again be partnering with Kevin Miller and his association to stage this seventh annual pool shoot-out. It represents us getting international players to Grand Bahama island,” he said, “And once they come here and return to their home countries and states they’ll be able to spread the word for us to help us build on that momentum for next year.

“We want to have these sorts of events on Grand Bahamas on a more regular basis. As much as we can have it’s better business for us. It represents a unique opportunity for us to work with the various government agencies to make this happen, not just for this event but other international events.”

One of the biggest sponsors for the tournament turns out to be the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company (Sands). Assistant General Manager for Sales and Marketing Clayton Russell felt sponsoring the event was a sound investment.

“The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company look forward to being a part of this pool tournament and we’re looking forward to next year for it be even greater. We came on board hoping we could be a moral support.”

BTC also felt sponsoring the tournament would be a mutual benefit for both parties. Marketing and Public Relations person Latesha Lord said, the company is proud to assist a fast growing tournament like this one. Along with other BTC trinkets, Lord stated they will be providing one key element needed for the players.

“We’ll be providing sponsorship by way of providing connection to all of our international players and local players, of course. We want people to be connected, get on social media; so we will be providing fiber optics to the committee, free Wi-Fi at the event. We’ll have charging ports so that you’re never not connected to your family or friends abroad. And we’ll also have a booth out there. We’ll definitely paint that event blue. so BTC is definitely a proud sponsor of that event and we do encourage people to come out and support.”

West Star Convenience Store is also no stranger to sponsoring the tournament. Secretary and office manager Delarise Ferguson stated that the tournament was definitely worth supporting.

“Carey Payout is a dedicated pool player so I would list him as the king of pool and we are proud to be on board this year.”

Second year sponsor Paradise Cove is once again happy to be a sponsor. Tournament participant and Paradise Cove operator Barry Smith simply said, “We are definitely looking to have a continued tournament where we can keep sponsoring it and bringing people to Grand Bahama and to The Bahamas in general.”

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