Splashmania Kayak Race returns to GB for 2nd year

DETAILS —Waterkeepers Executive Director Rasheema Ingraham, center, Pharez Cooper, left, and Joe Darville at right, gave details of the upcoming event.

The Splashmania Kayak Race is back!

Now in it’s second year, the Waterkeepers Bahamas Organization hopes to build on last year’s success. The event takes place this coming Saturday, July 14 at Silver Point Beach (Manta Ray Restaurant, William’s Town).

Waterkeepers Bahamas pays close attention to environmental protection. Waterkeepers Executive Director Rasheema Ingram shared the reason for hosting the event is to continually spread the word about environmental awareness, while fostering a “fun” playing field for residents and tourists.
“One of the reasons we thought to bring such an activity to Grand Bahama, although we focus on environmental work and environmental protection, we want Bahamians, we want tourists to also enjoy these ecosystems that we work to protect,” she said, “And one way of doing that is to get them on the water, to experience the water and have a good time in a safe environment at Manta Ray Restaurant at Silver Point Beach, William’s Town.

“And I want to reassure all persons considering participating in the event that it’s going to be safe around a low tide on July 14. So they’ll have no need to worry.”

Ingram re-assured that all the necessary safety precautions will be in place and the event will have the full support of the Bahamas Air and Sea Rescue Association (BASRA).

The Kayak Race will feature categories for individual participants and teams.

“We’re going to have categories with individuals for kids, teens as well as men and women.

“We’ll have double races (two persons in a boat). Those races will also be for kids, teens, men and women.

“We’re so happy that a lot of companies, the fraternities, the sororities are participating in the team races because you want to carry some bragging rights back,” she disclosed.

The day will also feature obstacle courses on the water and on land.

Fast Track Management representative Pharez Cooper encouraged all the aforementioned categories to sign up fast.

“This year we want to push the camaraderie which is why we pushed for the fraternity groups and sorority groups. We want to see who can be the best fraternity and sorority in each category.

“We also have categories for the fitness groups. We have Nesbitt Fitness, Crossfit 242, and Mind, Body and Soul so far. We want to see who is the fittest among one of the more non-traditional exercises.

“Fast Track Management is here to ensure the event runs properly. Kayaking is unique and there’s no other event like this on the island.”

Joseph Darville noted that an event like Splashmania is timely. Another thousand square miles of ocean is expected to be added to the current 100,000 square miles of ocean surrounding The Bahamas within the next century, according to Darville.

Darville believes more water activities should be implemented now and headed into the future.
“What Waterkeeps Bahamas and Save the Bays are doing is getting an acclimation to the water life.

“We just came back from an incredible experience in Bimini where Waterkeepers International did a Learn to Swim for some 35 young people and a group of old people as well.

“So it’s a matter of getting us climate acclimated to this magnificent nature of water that God has bestowed upon this nation of The Bahamas,” he stated.

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