Spirit of Police Month continues with Softball Jamboree

POLICE MONTH IN FULL SWING – Royal Bahamas Police Force officers in Grand Bahama continued their celebration of Police Month this past Saturday at the Jack Hayward Junior Softball Field with their Softball Jamboree. Pictured, a Western Division batter (left) connects for a hit off of Headquarters’ pitcher Cruz Carroll, during their preliminary match. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Northern District continued its celebration of Police Month, March, with a highly competitive day of softball with the Annual Softball Jamboree. 

The four divisions – Headquarters, Central, Eastern and Western – squared off for a year’s worth of bragging rights to determine which team would be named the best division on the diamond at the Jack Hayward Junior Softball Field. 

After the dust and trash talk had settled, the Central Division would walk away as back-to-back champions after they defeated the Western Division 14-10, in the championship game.

One of the chief reasons the RBPF celebrates Police Month, in which the RBPF is celebrating 180 years of service, is to allow the officers to have a chance to “ventilate” among each other according to Assistant Commissioner of the RBPF Grand Bahama, Samuel Butler. He added that it also gives the officers a chance to unite with the community. 

“Many of the activities we’re doing are within the community and allowing the community participate - even if they just come as spectators to enjoy our softball game or basketball game, which is coming up. 

“All of the varying parts of police month is allowing officers to expose their talents, whether through sports, music, or drama. And it’s really to get the community and police community involved for them to see the lighter side of the officers.

“Oftentimes people just see them dressed in uniform and have no idea of the human that is within, the one that is able to laugh and have fun and enjoy the normal activities of everyday life.  

“We really look forward to Police Month, allowing the policemen and women to destress and Police Month does just that,” said ACP Butler.

In the first contest of the day the Eastern Division scored a 20-13 win over the West. In game two, Central overcame Headquarters to win 11-7. 

Headquarters bounced back from that loss to earn a narrow 15-14 win over the Western Division. Central continued their winning ways when they defeated Eastern Division 11-7. In the fifth game of the day, Central dominated their eventual opponents in the championship 12-2. And in game six of, to decide who would face Central in the championship, Western edged Headquarters, 14-4.

The RBPF have built a strong camaraderie over the years, which was something that helped them come together this past September in their collective rescue efforts during Hurricane Dorian. 

“It’s these kinds of activities prior to Hurricane Dorian that were able to build to the police camaraderie, build that teamwork and synergy that we needed to take us in and through that storm. 

“I thought we worked extremely well and hard. Obviously, the community here and the global community recognized what happened here; the resilience of the officers working through and their determination. 

“Our fundamental word is to provide service to the community even with themselves (officers) being touched in various ways as a result of the destruction. Yet, they were able to march on and continue to provide service. 

“Coming out here today with their families and being cheered on by their families and teammates, it brings a tremendous amount of positivity to bring us back to a real sense of normalcy. 

“I’m proud of the teams and how they galvanized around and with each other to achieve their goals,” he concluded. 

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