Robin Albury picks up huge win at WDF Americas Cup

NATIONAL DARTS TEAM – The Bahamas National Darts Team put on a formidable showing at this past weekend’s World Darts Federation: Ninth Americas Cup and 22nd Caribbean Cup held in Trinidad. The Bahamas finished second in Group B with 28 points, and fourth overall behind the United States, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANISHKA MAYCOCK

The Bahamas Darts Team traveled into Claxton, Trinidad this past weekend and were players in World Darts Federation (WDF) Ninth Americas Cup and 22nd Caribbean Cup.

The team consisted of players from Abaco, Nassau and Grand Bahama.

Representing from Abaco, leading the ladies team, was Angela Russell (Abaco); Liz Kemp, Sandra Ferguson and Indy Sweeting (Nassau), and Anishka Maycock (Freeport).

Leading the men’s team were Robin Albury (Abaco), Mark Albury (Abaco), Shane Sawyer (Abaco), Frisco Wells (Abaco), Dwight Miller (Abaco), Darin Lloyd (Nassau), Charles Bain (Nassau) and Lorenzo Deveaux.

Representing in the Youth America’s and Caribbean Cup were Nathan Eldon (Nassau) and Kiana Hicks from Abaco. Coaches consisted of Anishka Maycock, Bahamas Darts Federation President and Manager along with Kevin Hicks (Captain/Coach) and two youth coaches, Helen Sweeting (Nassau) and Faith Sawyer (Abaco).

The final results were in on Monday, July 9 and The Bahamas can boast that Robin Albury became the 2018 Men’s Singles Champion. Albury out-lasted Anthony Forde of Barbados, 4-1.

While Forde took second place, Shane Sawyer, also of The Bahamas took third place over the United States’ Tom Sawyer.

Ten countries took part in the international competition and were divided into two groups, A and B. Overall, the top country ended up being the United States, with a total of 47 points. Canada took the silver medal with a final score of 42, and Trinidad took the bronze, with a score of 34. The Bahamas finished fourth with a score of 28.

In Group A, Canada took first place followed by Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados finished third, the Cayman Islands took fourth with 18 points and Brazil finished fifth with five points.

The United States took top place in Group B, followed by The Bahamas, Guyana finished third with 27 points, Jamaica took fourth place with 18 points and the Turks and Caicos finished fifth with a total of 10 points.

Also, on the individual front, The Bahamas’ Kiana Hicks made it to the final of the Youth Girls’ Category. However, Hicks finished in second place behind Canada’s Hayley Crowley.

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