Rickelle Albury wins inaugural crown at Faye Rolle Classic

MAGIC CITY GIRLS — Rickelle Albury, center, is pictured with second place finisher Daphne Fox, right, and third place finisher Sanadia Smith, left, as the trio out of Grand Bahama competed in the Sports Women’s Spokes-model category this past Saturday at the BBFF Faye Rolle Classic in New Providence. Albury was crowned the inaugural champion.     (PHOTO COURTESY OF SANADIA SMITH)

Local private school principal Rickelle Albury had her hand raised as the inaugural champion of the Sports Women Spokes-model category at the recently held Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation: Faye Rolle Classic. 

Staged at the University of The Bahamas’ auditorium in New Providence this past Saturday (November 3), Albury stole the show as she competed along with two other Grand Bahamian competitors, Daphne Fox, the runner-up and Sanadia Smith, the third place finisher.

Smith also finished third in the Women’s Wellness competition.

The categories were newly introduced by the BBFF, so along with being judged on their physical appearance the ladies were called to introduce themselves, offer information on their sport and answer a random question from the judges. 

The Freeport News caught up with the “Magic City Girls,” as labeled by Albury, and each contestant was more than pleased with how the competition shaped out. 

Not only was this the first time for the category, it was also the first time for the newly crowned sports women spokes-model champion competed in a BBFF arena. To her surprise, Albury expressed that the feat left her “ecstatic” and she was happy so share the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

As she prepared for the competition, the Body Forever (headed by IFBB pro Charnice “Storm” Bain and Desmond Bain) member noted her training remained the same, but her diet was the main point of emphasis during her preparation.

“It was a delight to compete in the event. I was ecstatic about winning the category, it being the first time the category was introduced to the Faye Rolle Classic,” she said, “My training was about the same leading up to the competition but I really had to get my diet under control, practicing self-control while also being consistent with both diet and exercise. 

“I was not nervous. I was a novice to the event but I was confident and pleased to come away with the win.”

The Freeport Gospel Chapel principal noted that the competition with Fox and Smith was more friendly than tense, and highlighted that both competitors were extremely helpful as experienced stage competitors. 

Albury also discussed that the results of the competition left her feeling like a bigger inspiration to others and she encouraged all persons on their respective fitness journeys to remain consistent as the results will follow.

“I’m able to encourage others to live a healthy and fit lifestyle...We have to be patient once we would have begun a healthy meal plan as well as work-out sessions - we have to be consistent with it. In the end the transformation will come, the results will show and it’s extremely encouraging when you’re able to see your body transform and the results start showing.

“So I just want to be able to be the conduit to others to be patient,because transformation will come with consistency.”

The mother of three stated that she can foresee herself competing in the category once again and it was a huge boost for her to know that she has to represent the title, which she looks forward to.

“I’m excited to see where the title goes and how the Federation will be able to use me to speak on behalf of health and fitness in our country, to encourage Bahamians to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.”

As for Smith, her second time on the stage in a unique fashion showed the women’s wellness competitor that she had a lot more to offer in the future. 

“I had an awesome experience at the competition. This is my second Fitness Competition and I can definitely say I improved since the last competition. Special thanks to my Coach Rick Outten who worked day in and out with me.

“Competing in the Women’s sport Spokes-model competition was different and exciting. I got a chance to display and speak about my fitness journey, which has not only taught me so much about myself but how to bring out the gifts God has blessed me with.”

Fox admitted she was initially hesitant about competing in the category, but took it as a personal challenge to face a particular fear she has head on. The masters bikini competitor furthered that she used the category as a platform to encourage women her age into living an even healthier lifestyle.

“I was hesitant at first about entering as I am a nervous wreck when it comes to public speaking to a large crowd. But I decided to face my fears and enter. 

“I’ve competed as a bikini competitor. The difference is you’re in active wear, speaking to a crowd and you eventually wear a cocktail dress - as opposed to wearing a bikini where you have to show the tone and tightness of the muscles and diet pretty hard. 

“My aim in entering this particular category was to bring attention to health and fitness to the older, more mature women. Many times we often think about diet and exercise when we have to fit into a dress for a certain occasion. But if we were to make it a lifestyle we would be ready for any occasion - but more importantly our health would improve and we would definitely love the results.

“This particular category would be a great addition to competitions as it would open doors to others who may feel a little timid about wearing a bikini,” she concluded.

Also competing in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding category was Andrew Sweeting who placed second. Andrew Brennen, also out of Grand Bahama, competed in the Men’s Muscular Physique category and finished third.

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