Junior golfers get into the swing with first fall event

ALL IN COMPETITION – Pictured left to right are the top place finishers among the senior division at the Swing Dynamics Fall Classic held on October 27. Boys: First place – Matthew Deveaux, second place – Adrian Stan-Busuioc, third place – Brenton Kemp. Girls: First place – Nae Smith, second place – Destiny Duhaney. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF SWING DYNAMICS)

Junior golfers in the Swing Dynamics golf program got a taste of their first competition for the fall season. 

The Swing Dynamics Fall Classic was contested over the course of two weekends - October 20 and 27 - at the Fortune Hills Golf and Country Club. 

The Classic was split between two divisions - juniors (11 and Under) and seniors (14-15). 

The juniors took to the course on October 20 where they competed among each other in a skills competition. As for the seniors, that group played off in an 18-hole contest the following weekend. 

Winning first place among the seniors was Matthew Deveaux. Second place went to Adrian Stan-Busuioc. Brenton Kemp finished in third place for the senior boys. As for the senior girls Nae Smith took top place in that division, while second place went to Destiny Duhaney. 

Swing Dynamics instructor Emalcus Hield said it was good to get the junior golfers competing, to which the players said they enjoyed. For the girls, it was their first time competing against each other. Overall, Hield expressed that the sky is the limit for each of the golfers that competed. 

“The competition was very keen...The girls played their first tournament and I was very impressed. These are kids I teach on a daily basis. All of the kids I teach, especially in the senior division, are either national team players or players who are aspiring to become collegiate golf players trying to get scholarships.

“From what I’ve seen from the competition over that weekend I think we’re well on the way.”

The golf pro furthered that the tournament served as one of many events leading up the Bahamas Golf Nationals to take place April 2019. Hield added that the program will be hosting tournaments for the golfers monthly so they can be better prepared as the nationals draw near. 

While the senior golfers played off in their 18-hole event, Hield outlined exactly what the junior golfers’ competition entailed. 

“That skills competition involved pitching, putting and I had what I called the “Challenge of the Sexes” or boys against the girls. That was a very good competition - the boys won. But it was very close.

“What I like about junior golfers in general is these kids compete. They compete with passion and they want to win.”

Hield knows the value competition holds, which is something he tries to insert during their daily practices. 

“The kids enjoy competing. One of the things that I do or teach them on a daily basis - we always have a competition because this is actually how you get better. If you want to become a tournament player you can’t become one unless you play in tournaments.

“It makes every shot mean something when you compete. Kids love competition so I do competitions for them all the time. This type of event was more formal where their parents came out, watched their kids and supported their kids. I think they were all very pleased with what they saw in some of these kids’ development because some are really new to the game,” he concluded. 

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