IronKids shine once again during GBPA Conchman Triathlon

Pictured left, Passion Daniel, center finished first among the young ladies in the female Nine-10 age group. Pictured right, Amelie Dormans, center, was the top place finisher in the female seven-eight age group.

While the senior performers in the 2018 GBPA Conchman Triathlon competed vigorously this past Saturday, the IronKids also put on a show for the crowd as they’ve become accustomed to. 

The junior edition of the Conchman Triathlon held on Taino Beach expanded across two divisions - male and female - with four age categories in each. 

The male age group, one-six, featured two competitors. Nitayo Knowles (six years old) won that category in the time of 17 minutes and 37 seconds (17:37). Second place went to Kamaro Wiggins (five years old) who completed the course in a time of 34:44. 

The winner of the female one-six age group was none other than Karis Knowles (five years old), who was clocked crossing the line at 20:12. Kaleha Seymour (six years old) trailed closely behind to take second in the time of 20:29.

Dylan Mellor (age seven) was crowned the top IronKid in the male seven-eight age group. He finished the course in a time of 16:21. Isaac Leal (eight years old) took second place in a time of 16:47. Mason Knowles (eight years old)  rounded out the top three in a time of 17:37. 

As for the female seven-eight age group, Amelie Dormans (eight years old) finished ahead of Isabela Cuccurullo (seven years old) to take first place in that category. Dormans finished the course in 16:28, while Cuccurullo completed the race in 17:32. 

Ayden Bain (10 years old) was the top male in the Nine-10 age group. He bested the field of 10 in a time of 11:57. Brody Thompson (nine years old) came across the finish line in second place in a time of 13:49. Dimitri Lescure (10 years old) rounded out the top three in that category with a time of 15:10. 

Passion Daniel finished atop of the female Nine-10 age group. The 10-year-old completed the course in the time of 14:53. Zoe Williamson (10 years old) came in second place and finished in the time of 15:14. Gabriella Thompson (nine years old) took third place and came across the finish line in 17:29.

The top male in the 11-12 age group was revealed to be Marvin Johnson Jr. The 12-year old bested the field in a time of 12:37. Launy Duncombe (11 years old) took second place in a time of 14:18. rounding out the top three was Tafari Fountain (11 years old) who completed the course in 14:30. 

The winner and sole competitor in the female 11-12 age group was Seannia Norville-Smtih (12 years old), in the time of 17:47. 

Due to a delivery hiccup, the IronKids will receive their official awards at a later date. 

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