Holy Hoops Tournament returns for second year

HOLY HOOPS RETURNS ­— Central Church of God were the inaugural winners of the Holy Hoops Basketball Jamboree, held by The Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene last April. Over 10 churches from east to west competed. Pictured at center is last year’s Most Valuable Player Joshua Dames. Pictured standing far right is Minister Keith Evans. (PHOTO COURTESY OF KEITH HANNA)

The Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene’s pre-Easter tradition continues. Scheduled is another day filled with non-stop basketball this coming Saturday, April 13. 

Set to be held on the church ground’s basketball court, the Second Annual Holy Hoops Basketball Jamboree will feature a host of teams vying to unseat Central Church of God’s reign as champions of the four-on-four jamboree. 

While a champion will very much be determined at the conclusion of Saturday’s festivities, the tournament will also feature a skills competition and three-point contest. The action is slated to get underway at 12:00 p.m. 

The age divisions for the jamboree are inclusive of Under 15 and Under 19 boy’s teams.

Minister Keith Evans listed the remaining teams expected to take part in the tournament. The Youth Minister also stated how important it was for the church to host this tournament, which ties into its mandate of affecting the community positively through various forums.

“We’ll have Calvary Temple out there. Of course, Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene, Faith Church of the Nazarene, Grace Church of the Nazarene, First Holiness Church, First Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Baptist, Christ the King, the Falcons’ Boys Club, Higher Anointed Ministries and Hawksbill Church of God,” he announced. 

Evans later explained that the tournament was introduced in an effort to mesh the various churches together while also providing a forum for youth in those respective churches to fellowship. 

“We’re trying to galvanize all of the churches on the island and bring all the young people throughout the island in a Christian environment and a good sport setting. 

“We’re also seeking to exercise conflict resolution methods due to the amount of challenges our young men are faced with, and which are working against them. We want to bring them in a good, Christian environment to teach them good Christian Doctrines in the process. 

“This is going to be a good event.”

Much like its inaugural year, Evans confidently stated that the competition will be “clean” and residents in the area and throughout the island can expect a fun-filled day while taking in some quality games.

“We’ll have the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture involved along with the City of Freeport Council. Mrs. Carla Brown-Roker is expected to be there. Minister Michael Pintard is expected to be there as well, along with various leaders.

“We’re looking to have an awesome time because this is very important. This falls right in line with Holy Week, with Palm Sunday coming up along with the various activities to follow. 

“We have a strong team working alongside of us to bring this event to fruition. It’s going to be a fun-filled day with a lot of activities,” stated further.

Central Church of God defeated Solid Church of the Nazarene in the championship match last year, by a final score of 18-14. Central Church of God was led by Tabernacle Falcons Joshua Dames who won the Most Valuable Player award. 

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