Grand Bahama Track Inc introduces Corporate Relays

Competition is what drives corporate entities on a daily basis.

Come April 14, that sentiment will be on full display when Grand Bahama Track Incorporated (Inc.) introduces the Corporate Relays at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex.

GB Track Inc., is a subsidiary outlet of the Grand Bahama Amateur Athletic Association (GBAAA). Ravanno Ferguson, who heads the GBAAA’s subdivision, said that sports have been used to bring persons and businesses for years now and this event will be no different.
“Sports have been used for some time now to unify, build camaraderie, and supersede language and culture and social barriers. We are hoping that the first annual Corporate Relays will bridge the gap between corporations and bring the community closer as we get to rub shoulders with the people who makes our beautiful island run,” he expressed.

“Not only will we have an opportunity to rub shoulders with them but we will see their competitive spirits as they bring out best in each other and shine through athletics. Our meet will allow employees from respective companies the opportunity to test their skill, will and determination to see not only who can run, jump and throw the farthest. But also who can work (well) among their teammates best to come out victorious,” he added.

The Corporate Relays will feature events such as Tug-O-War, three-legged races, and sprint medley relays that are mixed for men and woman. The meet will also feature the traditional relays, 4x100 meters and 4x400m, Long Jump, High Jump and Ball Throw.

“So no matter you athletic or skill level we have something for everyone at your company to participate in. Let’s not forget about the most coveted event to see who is the fast man and woman in Corporate Grand Bahama.”

While there appears to be a number of major corporate companies getting ready for the April held invitational, Ferguson made it known that smaller companies have freedom of banding together for a one-day merger.

“There is no company too small to compete because if you register you can combine small companies under one name to compete against other companies that have a larger employee pool. So if you feel your company only has five employees and is too, small join with one or two other companies to make a formative team and join the fun.”

Teams must comprise of participants that are active and current members of a company. Athletes must compete in a company T-Shirt. Two athletes from a company may compete in non-relay events. Each company is allowed two teams for each relay event but only one team can win the points for the company.

The Tug-O-War is limited to six persons per team with a minimum of three women.
Medals will be presented for the top three finishers in each race and a floating trophy will be presented to the winning company.

To register for the upcoming event, you can email

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