GBDA Summer League action heating up

SUMMER DARTING – The Grand Bahama Darts Association’s Summer League is well underway and takes place weekly on Tuesdays at TipC’s at 8:30 p.m.

The Grand Bahama Darts Association (GBDA) Summer League has been hitting its mark among the darts enthusiasts each and every Tuesday night for the past eight weeks. 

With four teams in total participating in the league, the past few weeks have bred a certain level of familiarity among the teams. The teams, which are traditionally given animal names each year, include: the Lynx, Cheetahs, Jaguars and Panthers. 

After eight games played so far for the season the Panthers are dominating the standings with a record of 7-1. Sitting in second are the Cheetahs at 4-4. The Jaguars are currently 3-5 for the season, with the Lynx sitting in fourth place at 2-6.

The Panthers and Cheetahs continued their winning ways this past Tuesday, August 13 at TipC’s, the league’s host venue for the season.

The Panthers were in complete control and rolled past the last place Lynx, 20-7. On the other side, the Cheetahs ultimately edged the Jaguars, 19-8.

 As Public Relations representative for the GBDA Ron Darville Jr. outlines, the format of the league is slightly different from their regular season format. 

The Summer League was established in the late 80s and since then has been used as a method to introduce new darters to the sport, while also giving the veterans an opportunity to stay sharp.

“The regular season format is usually three games of doubles, two games of triples and six singles matches. In Summer League it’s different. You have three doubles matches and six singles matches. In each case you play three games of a regular 501, a game of cricket and a game of double in, doubles out 301.

“So it’s a lot of practice and really good for you to keep your arm in shape for the regular season. This is the main reason veterans love to play and it’s good for rookies.”

He added, “The Association felt it would serve as a good introduction for new players to be introduced and prepare themselves for the upcoming season. Veterans also play to keep their arm solid. 

“Typically there only four teams and could be more depending on who joins.

“The captains of those teams are automatically picked from the top-four players (in the Association). Then we try to get rookies on each team depending on how many people sign up. 

“Last year it was Harry Cooper’s first year and he has turned out to be an excellent darter - he’s in the top five now I think. This year we have a new player by the name of Leroy Noel and he’s doing well, and we expect that to continue in the upcoming season,” he concluded. 

There are just four more weeks left of Summer League action. This coming Tuesday, August 20, the Jaguars hope to rebound as they are set to take on the Lynx, while the number one and two teams of the league, the Panthers and Cheetahs are slated to square off.

The following week, August 27, the Lynx will look to upset the Cheetahs, followed by the Jaguars facing off against the Panthers. On September 1, the Cheetahs have a date to take on the Jaguars, while the Panthers battle the Lynx.

On the final day of the season, September 8, the Lynx will compete against the Jaguars and the Panthers will take on the Cheetahs.

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