GB Powerboat Race and Summerfest to set the tone for summer activities

SPEEDING INTO SUMMER – The second annual Grand Bahama Powerboat Race and Summerfest returns this coming June 7 at Taino Beach. Pictured standing left to right are Manager of Niche Markets at the Ministry of Tourism Nuvolari Chotoosingh, Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama Iram Lewis, Marketing Manager for the Powerboat Race, Sasha Pinder, Managing Director at OBS Marine Jaime Rose and Aliv’s Marketing Coordinator for the Northern Bahamas Desiree Joseph. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The 2019 Grand Bahama Powerboat Race and Summer Fest is back and expected to be bigger and better this time around. 

Some of the fastest boats from around the country and the United States will be making waves at Taino Beach this coming June 7 for the second annual affair. 

The fast-growing pre-summer time event is a Prodigy Group production, in partnership with OBS Marine Limited and Mercury Marine. Other contributors include Aliv and the Ministry of Tourism (MOT).

Marketing Manager for the Powerboat Race, Sasha Pinder, extended a special invite to those who experienced the spectacle last year and those who may have missed 2018’s jaw dropping display of power boats and live entertainment. 

“A special invitation is extended to residents, especially those who enjoyed last year’s event. Gates open at 12:00 p.m. and races get underway at 3:00 p.m. Our concert special will kick off later that evening at 8:00 p.m. So be sure to come out and support,” Pinder shared, “We look forward to a fun-filled, family oriented, safe event and a memorable 2019 Power Boat and Summerfest.” 

Managing Director at OBS Marine Jaime Rose said history would be made at this year’s Powerboat race. Along with the scheduled races and thanks to a collaboration with Nigel Hook and Silver Hook racing, this year’s speed contest will be the first step into bringing offshore Powerboat racing back into The Bahamas. 

“This year we’re partnering with Nigel Hook and Silver Hook Racing, sponsored by the Lucas Oil team. They’re looking to do a ratified race, setting a world record for Over the Horizon Powerboat Racing. 

“This is a throwback to the 80s where the big powerboat races were seen in The Bahamas. This is going to continue into next year and this is the first step towards reintroducing world-class, offshore powerboat racing back into the country across from Florida, while establishing a new world record with the Guinness Book of World Records as well.”

Rose shared that spectators will get to witness something special with the Lucas Oil boat starting its voyage from West Palm Beach, Florida with Taino Beach being marked as the finish line. Rose estimated that run would be completed in less than an hour as the vessel is capable of speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour. 

That portion of the Boat Race is expected to continue with a second lap the following day, June 8, as a race returning to Florida. 

“The world record is actually going to be established as a 200-mile round trip - two legs of 100 miles each. It will be set with coordinates and with support aircraft and people at monitoring positions to ensure the races are done appropriately.”  

Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama Iram Lewis believes this event warrants the support of the public. 

“It’s a much-needed event for the island. We often times say there is not enough things to do in Grand Bahama. However, when we do things in Grand Bahama we do it big, we do it exciting and I want to encourage all Grand Bahamians, those from other islands in The Bahamas and South Florida to be at Taino Beach on that day; you’re in for a treat. 

“We’re looking to get back to those glory days of powerboat racing. Just down the road we have a new development at Smith’s Point (sea wall) and persons will be out there. So, we just want to encourage the entire island to come out.”

Lewis later commented that this event is a testament of investment by young entrepreneurs. He concluded his comments that once such an event shows promise then other events should spark other big-time events in the future. 

Manager of Niche Markets at the MOT Nuvolari Chotoosingh is excited that the Powerboat Race and Summerfest is returning for its second year and looks forward to the continued partnership with the Prodigy Group. 

“The Ministry of Tourism seeks to put on all types of different events particularly through the Niche Markets department. We also want to host events that actually capture the imagination of our guests who come to our island. 

“In this case we have Powerboat racing which was a big event for Grand Bahama during the late 70s and early 80s. This event won’t be any less than those and we want to work continuously with the Prodigy Group to make this a fantastic one and to promote overseas to get more visitors to the island. 

“We’d also like to have visitors throughout The Bahamas, Nassau and Abaco particularly, who are able to get here easily to lend their support to this event.”

Speaking on behalf of Bronze sponsor Aliv, Marketing Coordinator for the Northern Bahamas Desiree Joseph stressed that the company is more than pleased to act in their sponsoring role for the event. 

“I would like to first congratulate the Prodigy Group for an awesome inaugural event last year. Good job also to the persons who worked so very hard to make sure the event was a success and I’m sure it’s going to be better this time around. 

“This event directly aligns with the four pillars Aliv stands for, the number one being community involvement. We understand this will directly boost our local business traction; something that we always want to be a part of and giving back to our local communities in as many ways as we can. 

“We know boat racing events such as this one are fun and exciting and we look forward to seeing as many international visitors and locals alike enjoying and having a great time. We look forward to everything that will take place that day,” she closed.

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