Freeport Rugby Football Club boys’ soccer registration kicks off today

The Freeport Rugby Football Club Boys’ Soccer Program is back and parents are urged to get their young soccer “studs” signed up and registered this week and next weekend.

The Freeport Rugby Football Club Boys’ Soccer Program is back and parents are urged to get their young soccer “studs” signed up and registered this week and next weekend.

The FRFC not only announced the opening of its season this past, but noted that registration for the program takes place today, October 7 and next Saturday, October 14.

“The hugely successful Freeport Rugby Football Club ‘Grassroots Soccer’ Program kicks off Saturday (today October 7) at 11:30 a.m. at the Freeport Rugby Football Club with registration of boys running from 11:00 a.m. to midday (with practice starting at 11:30 a.m.). Registration will also be held on Saturday, October 14 at the same time,” a release issued by the FRFC stated.

For years the program has been geared to the likes of young boys and men in Grand Bahama.

Organizers hope to begin an Under 15 Boys’ Program by the end of the month, the release added.

“The Club’s Soccer Programs focus primarily on young boys and young men on the island. The Saturday ‘Grassroots’ Program, traditionally focuses on primary school age boys aged seven to 11, but has been extended to include 12 year olds this year. Going forward, it is hoped that next season (2018-19) the age range can be lowered to include six-year-olds, as more coaches come on board as organizers are aware of the keen interest for children in that age group.

“Organizers also anticipate an Under 15 Boys’ Program to commence by the end of October, to meet the demand and talents of the youngsters in the community.”

The program has seen success in helping its players move on to the collegiate level over the years and according to the FRFC, that trend continued most recently.

“Over the years, the soccer program has promoted sportsmanship, teamwork, self-confidence and self-discipline as well as developing soccer skills. The club and program organizers are proud that the program has helped at least a dozen boys obtain soccer scholarships to U.S. colleges since our inception and has now added two new players to the University of The Bahamas team, so that over one third of the starting 11 for the University are alumni of our program. However, the club is equally happy to have positively impacted the lives of countless boys on the island by helping to instill the key ‘life skills’ noted above.”

Other goals for the season were said to include – to further grow and develop the Saturday program for boys aged seven to 12; re-introduce the Midweek Academy (every Wednesday) for various age groups (Under 11s, Under 15s, and Over 15s); to identify the better and keener players at the aforementioned age groups and then further develop their skills, and provide opportunities for either national /international or collegiate recognition.

And it should be noted that it is the express intention to travel at least once this season and also host teams to help meet the goals stated.

The FRFC noted that last season a traveling group of 20 had a hugely successful trip to Nassau to participate in an Under 10s tournament and talks are ongoing with Nassau teams, with a view to matches against Nassau teams as early as this Christmas time.

Any player who is active in either this program or the YMCA Program is eligible for the academy, which is scheduled to start in late October and will encompass the best players at each age group. The Under 10s will practice once a week, every Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

While it is expected that the U15s and Over 15s will practice twice weekly, dates and times are still to be finalized. Practices will obviously be increased as they prepare for travel or hosting teams.

For more information, persons may contact either Rob Speller or Jake Edey at Freeport Rugby Football Club or Facebook: Grand Bahama Boys’ Soccer for details.

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