Fox Foundation partners with Buddy Hield Foundation in relief efforts

PARTNERING UP – Pictured left to right are Adriana Fox (Co-founder, Fox Foundation), left, and Adrian Fox (Founder), center and Chief Executive Officer of the Buddy Hield Foundation Jalisa ‘Coco’ Hield, right. Both organizations organized and executed relief efforts to the various communities that were severely impacted by Hurricane Dorian. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

As relief efforts continue around the island of Grand Bahama in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the Buddy Hield Foundation (BHF) found a strong ally in the Fox Foundation to assist with its relief initiative on September 26, 2019. 

Weeks after the historic Category 5 storm wreaked havoc in Grand Bahama and Abaco, representatives from both foundations came together to personally deliver relief items such as water, generators, toiletries, cleaning supplies and much more to the devastated areas on Grand Bahama that Thursday. 

Also, on that day, the BHF hosted a feeding drive at the East Sunrise Shopping Plaza, where the goal was to feed up to 3,000 persons. 

Chief Executive Officer of the BHF, Jalisa ‘Coco’ Hield shared that the partnership between was a giant step in the right direction toward helping as many affected persons as possible. 

“I can honestly say this has been amazing. It has been effective and efficient at the same time. Ana (Adriana Fox) said those stepped in and all I can say is, it’s in God’s hands because the right persons were in place to get the aid to the people. This has been amazing. We have to say thank you to the Fox Foundation, because they really stepped up.

“We all know Buddy is from Freeport. He isn’t here, presently, but his heart is here and we just want to give back and show the Bahamian people that we hear their cries and we stand with them,” said Hield.

Co-founder of the Fox Foundation, based in New Providence, Adriana Fox outlined that the partnership was formed almost immediately following the passage of Hurricane Dorian. 

“Three weeks ago, my dad (Adrian) sent me Jalisa’s number and said we’d be teaming up with the Buddy Hield Foundation. I was very happy about that because they’re from Freeport and they understand the logistics and who would need the help,” she shared. “We were on call, and messaging through WhatsApp and we just got the items that we needed. 

“It started in Miami, and ‘Coco’ did a good job with the packing and shipping. We started two days ago with packing everything up for distribution. We just, basically, wanted to start some rehabilitation in Freeport. 

“Wherever there is a need in The Bahamas we’ll be a part of it,” Fox added.

Like the other islands that were not immediately impacted by the devastating damage, Fox could only sit back and watch as the storm remained stagnant over the eastern end of Grand Bahama, before finally leaving the Northern Bahamas. During the storm she could only sit by and become emotional, while hearing about and seeing the devastation via social media. 

“Honestly, I cried plenty days and I didn’t sleep because to see a fellow island being devastated like that, you’re not human if you just ignore it.” 

The Fox Foundation came into being a few years ago and its founder, Adrian, voiced that this hurricane relief initiative is one of the major projects the organization has undertaken. “We got started a few years ago with my daughter and me, Adriana. We decided we wanted to give back to the people. 

“We usually have a big party through Kemp Road (New Providence) where we give away toys, televisions and everything each Christmas. For the years to come, we decided we’ll do different things like help out with the hurricane relief. 

“When we saw the devastation that happened to Abaco and Freeport, it really touched my heart and I was really hurt because I wanted to help out so badly. People need our help, and I just want to give what we can give,” he shared.  Adrian concluded that the next project would be to supply building materials for some of the devastated homes. 

Both organizations have launched GoFundMe pages in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. 

Hield launched the GoFundMe page “Hurricane Dorian relief in The Bahamas,” while the Fox Foundation’s page is entitled, “Fox Foundation Relief Fund.” 

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