Ladies flag football on display at ‘Y’ this weekend

The YMCA is preparing for a list of upcoming events in the coming months.

However, this Saturday, May 21 the Y is set to put ladies flag football on full display with their Best of the Best Female Flag Football Challenge, sponsored by Frank’s Ice Cream.

The YMCA introduced their Flag Football Program back in March and YMCA Program Director, Stafford Albury, has since said, the program has borne fruit in production.

The program runs every Saturday at the YMCA, with four youth teams and four ladies teams.

The challenge will look to determine the best quarterback, best field goal kicker, best longest punter and best wide receiver.

There is an entry fee for each competition and any female 18 and over is invited to enter. For information on the prices persons can contact 352-7074/extension 27.

The day will also feature youth games and one game for bragging rights (only females in the YMCA Flag Football Program).

Prizes are also on the line for the top performers in each competition.

“This is to show how much the female players have improved since joining the program,” Albury said. “What we did is all of the most improved players in this program, we’ve formed two teams so they can go at each other head-to-head for bragging rights.

“It’s just something for them to have a little fun and to just ease off some competition and just come out here and have some fun.

“That should go off pretty well, because all of them are excited because they want to play against each other which is excellent.”

The YMCA also announced that its Summer Camp will commence on June 20 – August 5 and the YMCA Commercial Basketball League will also tip-off the evening of June 20.

Since coming on as program director, executive director Karon Pinder-Johnson feels Albury has done a “phenomenal” job.

With a calendar of events now in place, the YMCA executive is expecting a busy summer.

“Summer is a big thing for the YMCA. The Commercial League is scheduled to commence in June. We’re going to start a little earlier this year and the reason for that is we want to end earlier. We had, last year, a total of 10 teams and we’re anticipating a little more.

“Commercial League has been a stakeholder in the community of Grand Bahama for years and we’re continuing on that path. Coach Albury has set up times to meet with referees, times to meet with coaches and captains so everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to the YMCA Commercial Basketball League.”

The Summer Camp is one of the longest running programs at the YMCA and something Pinder-Johnson knows parents look forward to for their kids.

The executive director voiced that they’re excited for the summer camp to begin this year.

“It’s an all in one deal. The camp will run from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., perfect for the working family. While the kids are here they will participate in the following activities – flag football, soccer, swimming, tennis, dance, arts and craft, field trips. They’re grouped in ages: Baby Bugs (ages three and four), our five to six year olds in one group, seven to eight, nine and 10, 11-12 and 13-14. Everybody will participate in the activities we have outlined.

“Summer camp is where we expose all of the disciplines the YMCA offers during the summer time for our kids to enjoy each of them and at the end the of day select something that they’re more interested in and that has worked over the years. So, we’re going to continue that trend.”
Registration for the summer camp has already begun and parents can stop at the YMCA or call at 352-7075 for any inquiries.

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