Fast Track coaches see major improvement in junior athletes

PROGRESSING NICELY – Fast Track athletes are pictured at the 17th Star Performers Track and Field Classic in New Providence on February 1. Pictured standing left to right are Michael Riley, Rizpah Thompson, Alexis Smith, Phoebe Thompson, Kianna Henchille, Karina Henfield, Shania Adderley, Precious Smith, and Zadien Cox. Kneeling middle is Seth Sawyer. (PHOTO COURTESY of FAST TRACK)

Fast Track Club coaches are feeling really good about the growth of their junior athletes. 

The local track and field club headed by coaches Ravanno Ferguson and Pharez Cooper, traveled to New Providence to compete at the 17th Annual Star Performers Track and Field Classic at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium on February 1. There, with a team of 12 members on their roster, Ferguson and Cooper were left impressed with the performances of their Under 13 and Under 17 sprinters. 

“We took a contingency of 12 athletes over, mostly made up of our junior girls (Under 13) and Under 17 boys,” Ferguson shared. “We had some impressive showings with our Under 13 girls winning all the sprints - the 100 metres, 200m and 400m. 

“We had Kianna Henchelle winning the 100m and 200m and Rizpah Thompson won the 400m. For the Under 15 girls, Shania Adderley won the 400m in the time of one minute and 1.41 seconds (1:01.41), which was a personal best for her. She also came second in the 200m in the time 27.30 seconds, and also medaled in the long jump, taking bronze with a personal best 4.62m.

“Then we had Alexis Smith, who participated in the Under 15 girls’ 400m; she ran a great time of 1:03.97 and ran a personal best in the 800m of 2:42.15. 

“Alexandria Smith also went over and participated in the 400m and won her heat with a time of 1:02.57.”

Ferguson continued, “On the boys’ side we had Seth Sawyer, who ran a personal best in the Under 17 boys’ 800m and we had Zayden Cox, who won both of his heats in the Under 17 boys’ 200m and 400m,” 

Ferguson later told this daily that it was the team’s first meet for the season and in light of their training being cut short at the hands of Hurricane Dorian back in September, the Fast Track coaches feel confident about what’s to come this season. 

“The good part about this is, this is our first meet of the year and all the kids showed promise. 

“It was exciting for us as the coaches,” Ferguson added. “We finally got to see where our athletes are at in terms of competition. To see them go over and compete the way that they did, showed promise for the rest of the season. 

“We just want to see all the kids improve, that’s all we’re about right now. Dealing with Hurricane Dorian and having to miss practice for so long, we basically just sent them the workouts to do at home and it was good to see some of them come back in some sort of shape.  “In terms of what we had to do over the past couple months, we had to ramp things up a bit, and they showed great results from it.” 

Speaking about her accomplishment at the meet, Adderley voiced that she was nervous about her events at first, but once the gun sounded it was smooth sailing to the finish line. 

“I went into the meet with butterflies, but someone gave me a pep talk because they saw that I was nervous. I just overcame my fear and did my best. 

“I feel good about my chances at Island Sports. I know the field is going to be stacked, but I’m going to train as hard as I can so I can be better than them,” Adderley concluded. 

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