Excitement evident for 2019 Legacy Baseball season

STORY TIME – Deputy Director and City Maintenance Manager of GBPA’s Building and Development Services Department, Troy McIntosh, right, shares his testimony of hard work as a former athlete with the Legacy Baseball players during Legacy’s opening ceremony held February 2 at the YMCA. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Along with the delight of the story telling abilities of former Olympian Troy McIntosh, Legacy Baseball officially opened its season.

League executives, coaches, players and parents have enough to be excited about with the season now in full swing on the weekends at the YMCA.

Growth in player participation has been a sore spot for Legacy in recent years. Yet, registration this season was an uptick. It was announced by Legacy president Shavargo Cox that the league welcomed back one of its most cherished divisions.

This past February 2, Legacy celebrated the return of their 14 and Under (14U) Division.

Just before the players competed on the diamond a brief opening ceremony was held to officially open the 2019 season.

President Cox shared that he hopes to see even more parents come out on weekends as a confidence boost to the young players.

“We look forward to continued support and your cheering. We want you to come out and cheer your kids on. We want you to encourage them because sometimes when they make a play, or they hit the ball or something they couldn’t do at the start of the season they often look to see if a family member is here to have seen what they’ve done.

“We encourage you to come out to support your kids and to cheer them on.”

“Never being satisfied” was the message young Skylar Gardiner shared with the parents and guests in his welcome address; where he reminded his fellow players and teammates to continue working hard toward their goals.

“Winning is fun ... wanting to win is the point, never giving up is the point, never letting up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you have done is the point.

“I am excited to welcome you to this opening ceremony for the Legacy Baseball League 2019. Legacy is more than just about baseball. It is a family of leaders who are committed to providing a safe environment for the development of young boys and girls in this community.

“Legacy is based on a foundation of hard work and persistence,” he shared.

The YMCA is home to a plethora of different activities and programmes and has been home to Legacy Baseball over the years. Speaking on behalf of the ‘Y’ was Donella Seymour, a former parent of the Legacy programme, who continued to encourage parents in uplifting and cheering their kids on as they grow in the sport.

“As I look around and look at the players and the parents I used to be in the same seat. It’s in great enthusiasm that I stand here today as a staff member of the YMCA just seeing the work that has been going on with Legacy and keeping the teams going; I’m so proud.

“Legacy Baseball, indeed, is a household name by now because it has been around for such a long time. And it’s a sport (baseball) that has taken many young persons who I have seen play as little boys go off to school with scholarships. So, make sure keep your kids in this particular sport and encourage them in every which way because this sport is one that’s taking leaps and bounds.”

Sherwin Williams, who represented one of the many sponsors for Legacy Baseball in the Freeport Container Port, reminded parents and players that baseball and sport in general is a great foundation builder in terms of discipline.

“You may notice in the home and classroom, wherever you may go, because persons were a part of sports such as baseball they are more disciplined. It also teaches us teamwork that we are able to support each other. So, it’s a good thing that you came out here today and joined such an organization as Legacy.”

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